Who's Who at Schism

Who are these people and why have they given up the best years of their lives to write about fictional characters for no money and little glory? Well, we asked them and this is what they said:

BETH is a well meaning but generally ineffective Midwesterner who relies upon a plethora of dissociative strategies to get through life; smoking tons of cigarettes, reading, and writing fan fiction are at present the best examples of said tendency. She can neither confirm nor deny having said that the middle Hanson brother is a hottie. In her spare time, she is conducting a scientific experiment that seeks to answer the following question: Can a well meaning person watch Oz and *not* become a Keller/Beecher nut? (Early results: yes, but a well meaning person *can not* watch Oz without becoming obsessed with Ryan O'Reilly.) Beth's fanfic interests mostly involve Tim Bayliss and Chris Rawls, although she loves most all slash and well done MunchenKay.

It's me, HAYLEY, your resident Keller-Buff and Keller-Girl that ironically can write Meldrick better. I live with my roommate, Mary Helen, down here in Coppell, Texas (yeehaw). She's sweet, introduced me to Homicide, and now I can't get enough. So I write fanfiction, and it really began when I finally got fed up with the story lines never giving me what I wanted. It's very frustrating. I'm a slash slut and my favorite pairing is Lewis and Kellerman... and out of all the stories I have thought out, I can never fit in smut as of yet. I do try, and I'm trying to improve my technique between freetime and college. Had a cat, now I got a fish, it's very depressing for me. You know you're a fruitbasket when you become amused by watching your lava lamp for hours... *sigh*.

INDALIA here... Lover of Frank and Tim (LoFT)... Have loved Homicide since its inception, but when Frank fell by the wayside, I followed suit. Discovered some interesting H:LOTS slash on the net and my interest in the show returned (albeit for different reasons!). Have always liked slash-type fic, but only recently discovered it as a genre. Until this year, it never had a name. My favorite pairing is Frank and Tim because of the intensity and strength of their relationship. What directs me: I'm aurally inclined. The tone (resonance, timbre) of a voice can make or break me... That explains my Frank/Tim fascination (at least a part of it)... Motto: Say what you want, just spell my name right... Visit me at Indalia's Box!

MAGGIE the CAT is not a cat, nor is she really named "Maggie". Her name is Marissa but she dislikes it. She enjoys Homicide like any obsessed fangirl should and has fallen in love with Munch's apartment. Maggie also writes comic-book fics and shares a webpage, The Elaysian Fields, with her sister. You can also visit her new Homicide site. Born to Hindu parents in Missisauga, Ontario, she went to St. Gabriel's Girls' Roman Catholic School in Trinidad for six years before settling in Vancouver, BC. She has never recovered from Catholic school and the hideous green box-pleated overalls.

MARTI always yearned to be a published writer, but never dreamed it would happen like this. She shares a lovely house in the midwest with two cats and RACHEL, the List-Mistress, whom she blames for introducing her to Bayliss/Mulder slash in the first place. Together, they own a nearly complete set of X-Files action figures. Marti's other TV addictions include Loveline and VH-1's Behind the Music, and she hopes someday to parlay all this experience into a job as a pop-culture critic of some sort. Though often credited as a co-creator of Schism, her initial involvement consisted primarily of saying "Yeah, that's a great idea!" when Rachel suggested it. She is, however, partly responsible for the numerous Lutheran references in and around Schism.

RACHEL is a well-bred woman of solid Midwestern stock. As a child she traveled the continental US in a van with her family sleeping in a tent and declaring, "What do we care? We'll never see them again!" Her seventeen years of Lutheran family camp have taught her the basic tenets of Martin as well as how to paddle a canoe. She has poor taste in music, and actually likes most of those girly shows the networks keep putting on television. Amongst her many guilty pleasures are watching Baywatch and clipping photos of the Backstreet Boys to put on her refrigerator.

REDELL hasn't any claim to her dementia. She rents, doesn't own. She keeps in close contact with longtime friend FWM. Who, counsels her in getting over her daydreams of someday kidnapping her favorite Homicide actor, taking him to St. Helena Island, and having her way with him, all in hopes to become a missionary of the Church of Maximum Occupancy. If not that, she'll just take her 89 cats. (Not 90, that's just too many).

Huzzah (ROBIN loves any opportunity to talk about herself)! I am an 18 year old Francophone punkchick, proclaimed demonic at age 6 by the teachers at St. Margarite de Bourgeois Catholic school for being a southpaw. I'm now proclaimed demonic for entirely different reasons (I suspect the spiked dog collar might have something to do with it.) I read any and all Homicide slash, but have a preference for Meldrick/Mikey, because they're so pretty together, and angst rather beautifully. My Munch!Slash can be found here, and I can be found in Paris, Ontario, slash fen population: 1. Fell free to stalk me, I could use the excitement.

VALERIA's real name is a closely guarded state secret. She lives in the proud, prancing heart of the American Rust Belt with her lovely wife Kay Howard and an exceedingly ill-tempered cat. She is left-handed, myopic and tragically unable to take anything seriously. She is an Aquarius with Lucifer rising. Her motto is "It takes a child to raze a village." To experience her in all her majesty, visit her web site.

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