The Thrill of the Backseat
Written by Hayley

NOTES: In the same universe as Provoking My P.I., but before that actual story.


Mike threaded his fingers through his sweaty hair, feeling it stick in clumps and falling limply to his scalp just to stick there. Wiping his hand on his pants he tapped the other on the dash. He groaned and rolled his head on the headrest.

"Will you stop?"

"Huh?" Mike looked over at Meldrick.

"What you're doing, Kellerman, stop it."

He reached back up to his hair, squeezing another droplet of sweat from a strand of hair. He felt grimy, hot, and sticky. There was a prickly feeling down the middle of his spine and settling into the small of his back before trickling down to catch on the waistband of his pants. The top of his arms, behind his knees... it was the feeling of not being able to swat at a fly. Mike wouldn't move though. Meldrick was upset about something, and whenever he moved Meldrick would growl angrily.

It was too hot for another partnerly squabble. No matter how stress relieving it could sometimes be. Too hot... and it was just getting hotter. He checked his watch, the sun would be going down soon, and maybe it would cool down. Meldrick let out a breath through his teeth- it hissed almost fiercely.

"What?" Mike looked over at him, wiping away drops or sweat on his upper lip.

"Nothin'," Meldrick sighed, leering at Mike. Kellerman turned away, only to look back and catch Meldrick's eyes on him. There was a curious glint in Lewis's eyes and Mike shook his head. The look made Mike uncomfortable. It was the look Meldrick reserved for suspects in the box and on the streets. That look where nothing will escape his attention.

Mike wanted to disappear when he looked at him like that, especially when Meldrick was getting upset every time he moved. He looked back at the house they were supposed to watch. Both of them knew the guy (a particularly interesting case of My-Wife-Caught-Me-Cheating-So-I'll-Bash-Her-Skull-In-With-Th is-Handy-Chair-and-Run) and his mistress were long gone and probably in the Bahamas relaxing on some yacht.

A yacht... and there the heat was a comfortable tropical heat. Here it was just humid and hot without one nice body to look at. Unless he risked to movement to look at Meldrick. Feeling a droplet of sweat drip from behind his ear, down his neck. Instinctively he reached up and wiped it away before it reached his collar and soaked that as well. He heard Meldrick shift in his seat.

"What," Mike asked looking back and glaring at his partner, "I have to move Meldrick."

"You're always fidgeting like that, it's damned distracting."

"Distracting," Mike said as if to himself, then, "distracting to who, distracting from what? We both know that the guy isn't going to come back anytime soon."

"It just is, okay," Meldrick sighed, looking fleeting at him then away.

"You know, why don't you just tell me what your problem with me is!" He closed his mouth with a sneer. Great, he thought, I'm stuck in a car with a dysfunctional partner, what a great day.

"I just did."

"I always move. I have always moved, why does that bother you now?"

"I don't know, maybe it has something to do with last night--"

"Last night," Mike snorted, then he calmed down and said softly, "last night was... amazing."

"It was a mistake is what it is... was," Meldrick said uncomfortably, reaching up and sliding his hands around the steering wheel. Mike frowned and looked out his window, a sinking feeling in his stomach. It was getting darker outside, and all the streetlights were switching on. There was no relief from the heat, yet. If Mike cared, he would have noticed that it had gotten even warmer, maybe because the angry flush spreading over him.

They hadn't been speaking at first because it was still awkward between them, but now Mike had nothing to say. He had waited for Meldrick to bring it up first, and now that he knew what his partner thought of it... there was nothing for him to say.

A mistake, how could he say that, Mike fretted to himself, glaring at a stray dog as it pissed behind the tire of one of the cars lined up on the street. A mistake... he felt sick. Slouching, he looked down at his feet.

Meldrick snuck glances at his partner, the look on Mike's face prompting Meldrick to swallow and think on taking back what he had just said. Instead of looking annoyed by the heat, Mike looked damned miserable. It had been a cruel thing to say, and not entirely true either.

Unlike Mike, the heat hadn't bothered him as much. Growing up in tenant buildings that had air conditioners that planned their days off on the hottest days of the year, he had grown used to sweltering heat. Even then, though, they had owned a rickety box fan the family would sit in front of. This was just a damned oven.

Looking over at Kellerman again, he felt a stab of guilt run through him.

"Mikey, I didn't mean that," he said, sighing.

"Sure you didn't." Mike narrowed his eyes and set his jaw. Meldrick noticed with a little inward smile that his partner even dimpled when he was angry.

"I mean it, Kellerman."

"I don't believe you," Mike crossed his arms, then reached up and swiped at the nape of his neck before wiping his hands on his pants.

"Let me prove it to you, let me say I'm sorry."

"What are you going to do Meldrick," Mike sneered, "buy me some flowers and a box of candy." Mike reached in his pockets and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. Putting one between his lips, he put the pack away, then felt for his lighter.

"Don't smoke that in here," Lewis sighed, turning and pulling the cigarette out from between Mike's lips. He saw Mike's eyes flare with anger, but he reached to cup the face in his hands, kissing the pursed lips gently. The anger drained away from Kellerman's face, now replaced by a soft annoyance. Groaning Meldrick pulled Mike closer, needing to feel those soft lips surrender to him. Maybe that's all this is really about. Having someone so strong surrender completely, Meldrick thought, wiping away the sweat on his brow softly. Last night Mike had surrendered completely... the mere suggestion of what they had done last night brought a heat to his presence.

Mike grabbed his hand and licked the sweat off of his fingers, the tip of his tongue trailing over the digits.

"We're in a Cavalier, Mikey," Meldrick reminded him, watching the tongue dart in-between his fingers.

"So," Mike smiled, pressing the wet fingers against his cheek and rubbing them against it. Pulling Mike against him he pressed himself hard against Mike. His tongue out to taste the salt of Mike's sweat. He dragged it across Mike's face, giving his partner a facial tongue bath. Mike wrapped his arms around him, groaning as he licked down his face and then down his throat.

Pressing his lips against the slick flesh, he pulled at the tie, undoing the knot and sliding it out of the collar. He could feel the chest heave against him as he buried his head into the hollow of Mike's throat- sucking and nipping at the flesh.

"Meldrick," he sighed, holding the head to him.

"Mikey..." Meldrick leaned an ear against Mike's chest and listened to his heartbeat, "I think we should move..."

"Where? There's no where to go." Mike's voice sounded amplified as he listened.

"To the back." Mike laughed and stroked Meldrick's hair playfully. Meldrick wished he could see the smirk on Mike's face.

"I want to fuck you."


"When it comes to you, Mikey, you bet." Mike pushed him back and crawled between the seats to sit in the backseat, sprawling and piercing Meldrick with his gaze.

"Well," Mike purred, "now I'm in the back and you are still up front."

Meldrick cast a glance at the house they were supposed to be watching, then down at the bulge in his pants. Sighing, he told himself once again that the guy would not show. If not for a week, then never. Nearly throwing himself into the backseat, he smothered Mike with his mouth. Undoing the rest of the buttons on the damp shirt, he rubbed his hands down the chest, his fingertips teasing the flesh.

"What is this, a one man show?"

"Join in whenever you want, Kellerman," Meldrick said, bending down to drag his tongue across the rivulets of sweat making their way down the chest and in-between the pecks. Mike pushed Meldrick back forcefully, smiling evilly before kissing Meldrick with bruising strength. After their teeth mashed together, Meldrick sucked Mike's tongue into his mouth. His hands rubbing up and down the smooth chest in a rhythmic motion.

"Fuck," Mike panted, the flush deepening as he looked at Meldrick's swollen lips. Attempting to push him back, Meldrick flattened his hand over Mike's stomach, but Mike shook his head.

"Not this time, I wanna be on top this time," then, seeing the shock on Meldrick's face, "that don't mean you can't fuck me though."

Letting himself be pushed onto his back, he took several calming breaths as Mike moved between his legs, but the urgent need registering, and the feeling of exhilaration peaking as a car drove by, illuminating Mike's face briefly. They could get caught, but if that thought did anything, it urged him to move faster.

Meldrick undid the belt, wanting to be inside Mike right now. Not even pulling the belt out of the loops, he undid the button and ripped down the fly. Mike ran his tongue across his teeth sucking a breath in from his nose and letting it out again as Meldrick pushed the fabric down roughly.

Meldrick... Mike thought softly, reaching between them to take his hand and kiss the fingers softly.

"What do you want?" Meldrick laid his head back to look up at Mike.

"What you want," Mike rasped, reaching for Meldrick's pants, "You inside me."

Meldrick smiled as Mike clawed at the clothing, a look of impatient determination pressing his features into a mask of sweaty, shiny glory. He was enthralled with the beauty. He felt a hand wrap tightly around his cock and pull it out of his boxers while squeezing it. Mike laughed to himself as Meldrick squirmed.

They were both painfully hard, and Meldrick was uncomfortably wedged between the front seat and the back seat, his hands gripping tightly to Mike's arms.

"You're going to do this Kellerman?"

"Demanding son of a bitch aren't you?" Mike moved forward, straddling Meldrick's hips and bracing himself on his knees.

"Mikey," Meldrick growled, feeling the tip of his cock press against Mike's opening.

"This is going to hurt," Mike said as if to himself, looking into Meldrick's eyes with lust and fear.

"Let it," Meldrick gasped, pinned beneath Mike's knees and unable to press up. Nodding sharply, Mike pushed himself down onto Meldrick, a scream pressing up through his throat, but stopped by the closed lips. He gasped and tears of pain fell away from his cheeks.

"Jesus," Meldrick cursed, gripping Mike's shaking hips and pushing himself into the enveloping heat. Mike's eyes snapped open and he shook with pain. Digging his fingers into Meldrick's chest he moved jarringly, the mind numbing pain slow in subsiding into a haze of lust and need.

His eyes met Meldrick's and he smiled wickedly, arching his back and letting out a silent scream as he moved- up and down -pulling at the pressing intrusion and feeling the fingers tighten around his hips. Meldrick opened his mouth to breath staring at the stretched throat as Mike rode him slowly, picking up the pace while smoothing the jerking out to a desperate pace. Mike's fingers scratched down his chest, the short fingernails tugging at the flesh and nipples. The feeling, indescribable, and all he felt and saw was pleasure.

Finally, Mike looked down at him, his eyes wide and the pain gone in its entirety. His hands found Meldrick's shoulder and he squeezed painfully with every thrust. Meldrick felt the tightness as he neared the brink, but Mike shifted over him. His cock jerked inside the burning heat and it, the need, began anew.

Leaning down, Mike's lips just inches from his, he watched the nostrils flare above him in time. The tight muscles around his cock drawing out spurts of cum but none of the precious thrusts were enough to give him the release he craved.

The heat between them rose as Meldrick threw his head back again, so close but not reaching the final push. Mike laughed raggedly between grunts, fully aware of his game. A drop of sweat from the tip of his nose fell onto Meldrick's lips.

Arching into Mike, Meldrick bared his teeth and pushed Mike forward, bringing their lips together. Pressing his hands down Mike's sides, he held the thighs tightly, moving around to cup the firm, sweet ass. He held it as he thrust up into it, taking over from Mike.

"Yeah... fuck me, fuck me..."

He licked his lips, tasting his sweat and Mike's there. He hissed and thrust at a maddening pace. He felt himself nearing the edge with every push. His hands on Mike's hips again he gasped with each arch, his cock gliding in and out, now slicked with his semen. The tightness convulsing as Kellerman lost control.

With one last pull, he brought himself all the way out and then, meeting Mike's eyes, rammed back in- meeting tight resistance and white hot heat.

He came yelling 'Fuck' as loud as he could, damning the consequences.

"You- fucking- tease," he gasped with each thrust, pumping the last of his semen into Mike. Mike laughed again and Meldrick slipped down and trust, striking Mike's prostate. The laughter ended abruptly and a horse scream replaced it. Meldrick felt the warm liquid spill onto his chest in spurts matching his thrusts.

"Oh... fuck... yeah," Mike whispered.

Mike's neck arched again and he stared unseeing at the ceiling of the car before sinking down to lay on top of Meldrick's chest.

Meldrick continued to thrust into him, not wanting to cease the pleasurable motions. His chest heaved as he breathed. He listened to Mike's breath slowed to a normal pace. He ran his hand up and under the sweat soaked shirt to rub Mike's back.

"You awake," he asked wrapping his legs around Mike's legs, now intertwined with his.

"No," Mike mumbled, his throat raw. He took a deep breath, smelling the sex and sweat. Meldrick moved inside him again, eliciting a groan from Mike.

"You're going to have to get up."

"I don't want to." The back under Meldrick's arms relaxed and tensed to sit up.

Meldrick groaned as his semi-hard cock pulled out of Mike.

"God," Mike hissed, "I hurt."


"Why, I'm not?" Mike grimaced.

"Oh god," Meldrick sighed, "oh god."

Mike smiled and bent to kiss Meldrick on the lips. Meldrick held Mike to him, licking across the lips and darting his tongue into the corner of his mouth when Mike smiled. Pulling away, Mike started to redo his buttons slowly, letting Meldrick watch.

"So, Mikey, you believe me now that I didn't think last night was a mistake?"

"Maybe, but now my question is- is this all about the sex?"

"We'll see, Kellermiester, we'll see."

Sighing, Mike nodded towards Meldrick's open pants. With a smile he slipped his hand between Meldrick's legs and squeezed sharply, baring his teeth when his lover yelped. Feeling the flesh grow and harden in his hand, he held the brown eyes that were glaring up into his own blue ones.



The eyes rolled back and shut as he thrust. "Nothin'. Please, don't stop..."

"No chance, partner. No chance."

Bringing Meldrick off again, he slipped the boxers over the tired cock and dressed Meldrick lovingly. Before buttoning the shirt, he licked his semen off of his lover's stomach and chest, biting down hard on one nipple when Meldrick reached for his buttons.

"Bayliss and Pembleton are going to be here soon," Mike explained, lapping at the reddened nub.

Meldrick waited until Mike himself was dressed before kissing him dominantly and shoving him playfully towards his seat.

Once in his seat, Mike shifted unhappily, deciding to himself that he was going to be too sore to sit correctly. Mike shifted again, resting his weight on one hip, a look of agony painted on his features with a strong blush.

"You okay," Meldrick asked, sliding into his seat as his eyes moved from the still dark house to the pale face.

"I won't sit right for a week," ground out Kellerman.

"Well, just keep thinking about how tonight, you'll be on your stomach, getting a full body massage while we watch Bugs Bunny's Favorites."

"Hmm, you're generous after sex," he remarked, smiling and shifting again, "I guess you should be grateful, we won't be doing that for a while."

"We'll see." Meldrick flexed his hand and sat back in the front seat, relishing in the stunned silence- so much in fact, that when Bayliss knocked on the window to trade off, he started.

Opening the door, he stepped out quickly, letting Bayliss enter the car. Kellerman did the same with Pembleton, scanning the street before exiting the car.

Before shutting the door, Pembleton watched Kellerman hitch his pants and limp away. Running his tongue across his teeth he turned to watch.

"You notice anything... *different* about Lewis and Kellerman lately," Frank asked, his eyes narrowing as Mike carefully got into the other Cavalier to drive off.

"No, why?"

"They seemed a little flushed when we relieved them."

"It's a hundred degrees at six in the evening Frank, and they've been here since two. Who wouldn't be flushed in this heat," Tim asked.

Shrugging, Frank took a deep breath and studied the house before freezing. Sniffing, he turned and breathed through his nose.

"You smell that Bayliss?"

"Smell what," Tim turned and sniffed the back of the car, "what is that smell?"

The partners turned to each other; Frank's eyebrows were raised. Tim shook his head, a helpless grin on his face.

"No way, *no* *way*."

"Face it Tim, Kellerman was walking funny," Frank said turning to sit back in his seat, watching Bayliss's face.

"No way, uh uh, Frank."

"Why not, is it not possible for two men to... get along in the backseat of a car?"

Tim sighed, knowing he was being baited. "Yes, it is possible, just not with those two and not in the back seat of a Cavalier."

"Why not?"

"Frank," Tim said, reaching a hand up and rubbing at his forehead.

"Kellerman was walking funny."

"Kellerman was *not* walking funny. And even if he had been, you would to if you'd been sitting in this car for four to six hours."

"Stop trying to rationalize it, Tim."

Bayliss looked at Pembleton, his mouth open slightly. "I- I will stop trying to rationalize when you, stop trying to prove that Lewis and Kellerman are," he shrugged and shook his head.

"Are what?"

"Are- are- are like *that*."

Frank smothered a grin and scanned a car driving by. "You're being incredibly vague, Bayliss."

"When you stop trying to prove that Lewis and Kellerman just screwed in the back seat of this car."

"All right."

Bayliss blinked. "All right? Oh no, uh uh. Don't do that, Frank."

"Do what, Tim," Frank asked coolly, the grin held firmly in place under a look of disinterest.

~ The End