The Songbird

Written by Tiffany Ball

Catriona Egan sat in her dressing room she was sharing with two other girls in the Irish choral group she belonged to. To her delight, they finally came to Baltimore, Maryland. She'd called her friend Moya McMahon and let her know. Moya had asked if she could bring two friends along to the performance. Cat had agreed, unaware that it would change her life.


Moya, Meldrick and Mike walked into The Peabody's theater.

"How long have you and Catriona been friends?" Mike asked.

"Practically since we were bairns," she told him. "My parents took us back and forth to Ireland as we grew up. Cat and I have always kept in touch. You'll love her, I guarantee it."


Cat heard the MC announce her song and she walked onstage. She scanned the crowd for Moya and her friends. She found them quickly. Moya was sitting between two handsome men. Her hand was firmly clasped in the hand of the black man sitting on the right side of her. The guy was attractive, with a goatee that suited him. But it was the blond man sitting on the other side of Moya that really got her attention. Short blond hair and blue eyes that Cat lost herself in. As she sang her song, she felt as though she were drowning in his blue eyes.


Mike heard the MC announce that Catriona Egan would be singing and playing the harp. He watched her come onstage, ready to see Moya's childhood friend. His breath caught in his throat. This girl was beautiful, with shoulder-length brown hair and warm brown eyes. Her eyes met his and they stared at each other through her entire song.

After the concert, Moya, Meldrick and Mike went backstage to see her. She came up to them and she and Mike hit it off instantly. Meldrick noticed his partner being by Catriona's side the rest of the evening. *That looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship* he thought.