The Moody Blue Gathering

Written by Tiffany Ball

Two weeks before The Moody Blues were to give their concert in Washington DC, Moya got an email from her friend and fellow LCer Katie Schultz.

Hi Moya,
I've got some great news. I have a ticket to go see our favorite band in concert when they perform at the Nissan Pavilion. Are you going? Let me know and I'll track you down so we can make a day of it.
I will be coming a week before the concert to stay with my Uncle Stan as I will be attending Grants College in the fall.
Let me know if you want to get together this summer.
Saying It With Love,

Moya quickly replied to Katie's email, then she logged out and went to Headquarters with Mike. On the way there, she told him about Katie's email.


A week later, Katie Schultz walked into the Baltimore police building. She found the Homicide squad room easily enough. Finding Moya, on the other hand, wasn't so easy. She scanned the room twice. No Moya.

"Are you looking for somebody?" a blond woman asked her.

"Yeah, is Moya McMahon here?" Katie asked.

"She went out on a call with Lewis and Kellerman, you can wait in the coffee room if you want."

A few minutes later, Katie and the woman were in the coffee room, sharing a soda.

"I'm Katie Schultz," Katie told her.

"I'm Detective Megan Russert," Megan said in introduction. "Moya's told me all about you."

"All good, I hope."

"Yeah, she said you met her on Lost Chords."

"Lost Chords is an emailing list where we talk about The Moody Blues."

Their conversation was interrupted when Moya finally popped into the coffee room with Lewis and Kellerman hot on her heels.

"That was quick," Megan said.

"Bloody dunker!" Moya grinned. "Must be the fairy dust you brought, Katie."

Moya quickly introduced Katie to her cousin, Mike Kellerman, and her boyfriend, Meldrick Lewis. Katie liked them immediately. She was surprised to find out that Lewis knew her uncle, Stan Bolander, and her future roommate, Beatrice Crosetti. When the shift ended, Moya, Megan, Katie, Meldrick and Mike headed over to the Daily Grind. While the girls made plans, the guys looked on in amusement.

"How about, we go to DC the night before?" Megan was saying in thought.

"Yeah, we could get a hotel room for the night," Moya added.

"Maybe even the same one as the band?" Katie chimed in.

"I wish!" Moya and Megan said together, laughing.

Mike and Meldrick couldn't help but be amused by their antics as they watched them make plans.