Strips of Silk
Written by Hayley

The Cavalier with its broken air conditioning and windows that were nearly impossible to roll down, pulled in front of another nondescript alley in Baltimore. Noting the press crowding around the crime scene, Mike buttoned his collar and tightened his tie. Meldrick ran a hand over his sweaty hair before putting the hat over it. Looking over at Mike, he stepped out of the car and scanned the gathering crowd. The majority of the gathered were black, others of various minorities and origins. Another case in The Projects that would most likely stay in red forever.

"You want to take this one," he asked Kellerman, looking over at his partner hopefully. Mike pursed his lips and looked around with a sigh.

"C'mon, Meldrick, you know this has redball written all over it."

Meldrick passed one of the reporters covering the scene, listening to the story she was making.

"Nah, the coverage has nothing to do with the vic. They're just covering the three hundredth homicide this year. They'll be gone soon. So do ya want to take it or not?" He coerced, watching Kellerman's face intently.

"I was the primary last time, but since the next one will probably be another stone whodunit... sure, whatever. But you get the next two."

"All right," and then lower, "thanks baby. I owe you."

"What are you talking about? The way you use me, you owe me a whole hell of a lot more then just one!"

Meldrick smiled and ducked under the scene tape, holding it up for Kellerman. The body lay under a tarp to shield it from the news cameras, and a uniform stood guard every few paces around the scene. Mike walked around to the other side and lifted the corner of the tarp. He winced and looked up at Meldrick, who was getting all of the information down in his notepad. Catching Kellerman's eyes, Mike pointed to his face and Meldrick shook his head.

Looking back down at the body, he slid out his notebook and began to make notes about the condition of the body. The face was obliterated by, as far as he could tell, two gunshot wounds to the front of the face. Meldrick came around and knelt by him, looking at the skull with mild disgust and making his own notes. Kellerman sighed and looked around the scene, noting the blood making a trail out of the corner of the tarp and down to a gutter three feet away. Two shell casings were outlined in chalk, and a uniform was bent over one, making gestures with a pen to another uniform who was obviously a rookie. Mike made his way over to them and waited until the female officer was done with her explanation before asking.

"What have we got Officer Tevena?"

"Two, twenty-two caliber casings, Detective Kellerman."

"The problem is, we found three others over there," the rookie remarked, motioning to the other side of the scene. Mike turned, and sure enough, there were three circles of chalk surrounding brass colored cylinders. The wind caused them to roll from side to side, causing the photographer grief over the consistency of the pictures.

"Thank you," Mike said, walking back over to Meldrick, who was still over the body, searching the pockets for identification.

"We've got five shells, but only two wounds," Mike murmured, looking around to see if the ME had arrived yet. The van was coming up the street, but it was blocked by numerous news vans with their crews hanging out in the street until the shoot was finished. Mike watched silently as Meldrick felt the back pocket before reaching in and pulling out a wallet. Meldrick waved it in the air before opening it and searching its contents.

"No cash, no credit cards, but there is," and he pulled out a laminated card with a smile, "a driver's license for our convenience. Now let's see... Mr. Rachlin, how did you get yourself capped this hot and humid Baltimore day?"

Mike smiled and stood again, writing in his notebook the name, address, and specifications found on the driver's license. As he turned, a haggard looking Dr. Dyer negotiated her way through the thinning crowd, smiling thinly at him and waiting for the uniform to raise the tape from in front of her.

"How are my two favorite detectives?" She asked, coming around to where Lewis held the tarp up for her. She let out a breath through her teeth and shook her head. Pulling on gloves she probed the face before looking up and down the body.

"And your verdict is?" Mike asked, squatting down next to Meldrick, brushing against his side. When Meldrick turned to him, he gave an innocent smile before glancing down at the body.

"I'd say the two holes in his face are what killed him, but, as usual, an autopsy must be performed before I can tell you anything for certain. Are you done?"

Meldrick nodded, making a small hopping motion to the side to edge his way closer to Mike. Mike stood as Dyer turned around, almost knocking Meldrick off his feet. Dyer smiled and motioned to the two uniforms to assist her with the body bag. One of them turned slightly green, but performed his duty anyway.

Meldrick and Mike made their way around the crime scene, trying to find any evidence that the CSU hadn't picked up already. Meldrick stood close to Mike, often whispering in his ear a few interesting details about a football game that Mike had missed.

Dyer turned to say good-bye, and as she did, she saw Mike's hand slip down and squeeze Meldrick's briefly. Turning back around quickly, her eyes widened and she had to try hard not to laugh. Though she was shocked, the idea of the two partners was much too funny and she let out a delighted snicker, which caught the attention of both uniforms. Smoothing her features, she gestured them forward, afraid that the fit of laughter that was working it's way up would settle soon.


Meldrick looked across the desks at Mike, who was leaned back in his chair with his feet up. The eyes were closed and it appeared that Mike was dozing. Looking at the clock, then back to Mike, he decided that it was time for the shift to be over. Bayliss was against the wall next to Frank's desk, ready to leave with his sport's coat in hand, talking with his partner. Howard and Gee were discussing the board, making several long glances at Mike, who seemed to be getting the most cases. No doubt that he would be getting a talk on how a partnership was supposed to work.

Getting up, he grabbed his stuff and walked around to where Mike was nearly asleep. Bending down, Meldrick whispered into Mike's ear.

"Hey, baby, it's time to go."

Mike moaned and rolled his neck. The chair groaned from the weight being distributed in all of the wrong places and tipped back. Stretching Mike straightened out and blinked into consciousness. Meldrick was behind him and he could feel his breath against his ear. Shivering he leaned forward away from the hot breath, wanting to relax instead of get more strung out. He felt Meldrick come to his side and kneel on the ground next to his chair.

"C'mon, Mikey, let's go home. You know I've had somethin' planned for us all week. I know you're tired, but I promise," and Meldrick stopped, Mike opened his eyes, "I promise you won't have to do a thing. No, I don't want you to do a thing, let's go."

Mike smiled and pushed himself up. Stretching again, he felt Meldrick's eyes on him. He loved the feeling of being loved so intensely by his partner, and his friend. If anyone would have told him he would be sleeping with his partner by the end of the third month he would have shot him or her and spit on the bloody carcass. Now, though, he loved going with Meldrick to get a drink at the Waterfront, to talk over a sports game, to sleep in his warm bed. Plus the sex. God that was great. Meldrick was a lover, he cherished the people he slept with, and Mike knew he was lucky to be that person. He was still on the ground, looking at Mike, and Kellerman knew it must be painfully obvious to anyone looking that they were lovers, but he didn't really care.

Putting a hand down, he helped Meldrick up from his position, knowing to expect the hand to linger clutched in his. He felt a jolt of pride when Meldrick looked at him like he was now. He dropped the hand and picked up his sports jacket. Bayliss was still talking Franks ear off, and Munch was at his desk, messing around with his electronic chess board while he talked on the phone to someone. They walked out of the squadroom, waving to Naomi and the others as they did.

It was silent between them as they went down the steps and to their cars. As usual on nights like this, they climbed into their own cars and made their way to Meldrick's apartment. After that... it varied. They could watch a movie on his couch, eat dinner, or go straight to his bedroom and make love to each other until one collapsed on the other. Other times it was combinations of two, or all three at once. The sex was great, perfect.

Mike shifted uncomfortably in the driver's seat as the light turned red. He would get there soon enough. 'Deep breaths, Kellerman.' God, what was he doing? He asked himself that almost everyday, every morning he woke up next to Meldrick. Things like this, they could never work out, but it was just so good. It's not like he pressed for it to happen, it just did. Meldrick was there, at his boat, watching the game. He was there watching the game. The small couch gave little room in-between them, and there was always those unexplainable thoughts and feelings before.

The light turned green and he turned left onto the road that would lead to Meldrick's apartment. He didn't remember who made the first move. Maybe it was both of them. After Mike had gone to get some beers, and handed one to Meldrick, their hands had brushed against each other and that was the first spark. The realization had lit in both of their eyes, and Meldrick had pulled his hand back and blushed a deep crimson red. There was nothing wrong, Mike wanted to tell him.

After that it was a blur. The beer was placed on the coffee table, the hand grasped tightly and he was pulled down to Meldrick's chest where he kissed Mikey deeply, like he had been wanting to for the longest time, and maybe he had been wanting to. Mike just knew that he didn't want to get away. Meldrick stopped it though, wouldn't let them go any farther. Pulled away, out of his grasp and left. He called Mike when he got home and asked what they should do now. It was a good thing he had called, because Mike had been tearing himself apart trying to think of what he might have done to cause Meldrick to leave like that.

Pulling up in front of the building, he noticed that Meldrick had not waited for him like he usually did. Throwing the Explorer in park, he grabbed the keys and left the truck on the curb. The door to Meldrick's apartment was slightly ajar, just enough for Mike to notice as he came up. Pushing it open, he heard the sound of material ripping, and he wandered into the living room where he shed his coat. There was something on the kitchen table, something in a bowl that he couldn't see. He didn't hear Meldrick come up behind him and grasp his shoulders, leaning to kiss his neck. The lips on his skin felt like a godsend after the hectic day that started with a case and ended with no leads, suspects, or witnesses to the crime. Another reason why it was a good thing, this affair, Meldrick would never complain about him never coming home. The lips tickled the sensitive skin as they trailed up behind the ear.

"You ready, lover?" Meldrick whispered. Mike nodded, leaning back into Meldrick and feeling the arms wrap around his middle. He was turned around softly and Meldrick pushed him backward into the bedroom down the hall. The whole time holding his blue eyes with the brown ones. There was nothing Meldrick couldn't get him to do. Mike was helpless when he was around. He could easily use Kellerman, but still, he didn't. He let the love go both ways, even though it was new for the both of them.

They reached the bedroom in what felt like an eternity of soft brown eyes, and warm arms wrapped around a muscular middle. Meldrick directed him over to the bed before giving him a strong push backward. Mike smiled at the roughness that was being shown and puzzled over it. Meldrick was reaching behind him, and Mike tried to see what he was going for, but he was pushed back down. It wasn't long until he heard the metal sounds of the handcuffs. A feeling of slight fear came over him, but it was sent away when Meldrick kissed him for the first time that night. As the kiss went on, his hands were pulled above his head and one was handcuffed.

"Move up, baby," Meldrick whispered in his ear. They were both fully clothed, but that voice made his mind melt and his body react without his mind functioning at its best capacity. Scooting backward and keeping his hands above his head, he listened to Meldrick's breath in his ear. He kept moving until he felt rather then heard Meldrick whisper, 'stop'. The handcuffs were fastened around the headboard then to his other hand, and he let out a cry when Meldrick got off of him. Pulling at the handcuffs, he knew he was stuck fast. Again he heard the sound of ripping fabric.

"You know I'd never hurt you right?" Meldrick asked softly. He sounded close, but Mike didn't feel like fighting with the position to find a better way to see.

"Yes," he replied breathy and truthfully. Meldrick's weight left the bed for a moment, and it was silent. He closed his eyes and willed Meldrick to come back to his side instead of... doing whatever it was that was taking him away from him. He was aware of all of the sounds around him now, he could hear the far off sounds of movement in the living room and kitchen, and when Lewis finally returned, the weight on the carpet.

"I love you, Mikey," he heard before a hand grasped his foot and tied something light and soft around it. It was warmed quickly against his skin, and was tied snugly around the ankle. Another strip of the fabric was looped around the foot and tied around the bedpost at the foot of the bed.

Meldrick slid up the bed and looked down into the blue eyes. With one hand he smoothed the blonde hair back, feeling the dampness that was a result of the sheen of sweat collecting over the pale skin. Another kiss before he produced a torn strip of silk. Mike recognized what used to be one of Meldrick's favorite shirts. This one was thicker then the ones binding his foot to the post, having been folded over a couple of times. His eyes went from the silk, back to Meldrick's eyes again.

Lewis kissed the blue eyes shut and tied the section of silk around his head, blocking Mike's vision. It was a beautiful sight when you leaned back. The head tilted back, neck ready to be nuzzled, and the brown silk causing the hair to spike up over it. Mike was breathing hard now, trying to get used to not seeing and not being able to move one of his limbs. Meldrick just watched for a few moments, needed to see his lover in that condition, his.

Bending down, he covered the mouth with his own, smiling against it when it tried to adjust to get a better angle. He sucked on the bottom lip, tasting the saltiness that must have come from the chips they had eaten at lunch. Under him, Mike groaned and tried to direct Meldrick to give him a proper kiss, but being spread out on the bed restricted his movement to a few shifts in one direction, and a nudge here and there. Taking his time with the lip, he decided when it was time to move to the top one. Resigning to his fate, Mike relaxed and let Meldrick enjoy the domination.

Each could feel the strokes of pleasure working their ways through each other. Arching against his lover, Mike tried to fell more of the sensation, to tell Meldrick he was taking to damn long with this.

"Meldrick, please..."

"Don't make me gag you, too," came Meldrick's quick reply. Mike thought about it, but then realized that being gagged would mean no attention to his lips, and he silenced himself.

"You're too good to me, Mikey. I can't stand to see all of those women stare at you while we're at work," Meldrick spoke while running a hand over the dress shirt that Mike was wearing. He stopped at the tie, pulling it loose and dragging it out of the collar. He considered it for a second before remembering the shirt he had torn up just for this occasion. Tossing it over the edge of the bed he continued. The buttons were undone, all the while Meldrick described the looks that some of the women they came in contact with during their jobs gave him. Like he didn't already know.

He wanted to tell Meldrick that he was the only one that had ever done this to him, and that he would probably be the only one, but he didn't want to be gagged. The cool air of Meldrick's apartment reached his chest through the thin undershirt he was wearing, and he felt his nipples tighten. He shivered once before the mouth found his again. A tongue dipped in this time, though, sweeping down to the as far as it could reach and making circular motions. Mike's erection was beginning to grow hard and he tried to kiss Meldrick back. The mouth immedeantly left his and he felt a small slap to his chest.

"Nuh uh, you aren't going to do a /thing/ Mikey, and I mean it. So lay back and enjoy the air conditioning."

Smiling, Mike squirmed eagerly as he felt Meldrick straddle his hips. He could finally feel the satisfaction of his lover's erection against his, knowing that he was the one causing the reaction. It was very satisfying to know that he didnít have to do a thing to cause Meldrick pleasure. He heard a groan from above and felt a small rock before Meldrick forced himself to control. That one rock against him sent a whole parade of messages to his brain. Moaning, Mike gritted his teeth so that he wouldn't be able to thrust back.

Hands were undoing the last buttons. He felt the shirt get pulled apart and then with a sensual roughness get forced up under his arms. Meldrick's forearms were now under Mike's biceps, and he could feel the breath on his cheek. A small, tender kiss was placed on his cheek before the arms left. Mike sighed with disappointment and rolled his neck. The need between his legs was becoming a distraction, but Meldrick took his time pushing up the undershirt, dragging his tongue up the center of his chest and abdomen. The black sheets under him began to feel unbearably hot, and the tongue on his body sent sparks to his groin. If Meldrick didn't hurry, he didn't know if he was going to come with or without his pants on.

"Meldrick," he whispered softly when Meldrick laid his head on Mike's chest. Both took deep breaths and tried to get their minds to cooperate. Mike wanted so much to touch Meldrick, to kiss him, to wrap his legs around him, but he could do none of that while tied. Sure, a leg was free, but what good could one leg do. Mike felt lips press against his breast before Meldrick pushed himself back up with a groan.

Hands found the top button of his pants. If it was possible to get any harder, he did it then, while Meldrick's hands were so close to his real need. It took a while for the zipper to be pulled down, but there was something different about the way it was done. Suddenly, Meldrick nuzzled the crotch of his boxers and Mike jerked involuntarily. God, Meldrick was so sexy. He had unzipped Mike with his teeth. Again there was a stall in the smoothness of their endeavor. Mike couldn't help but want to feel Meldrick against him and shuddered again.

Meldrick slid up alongside Mike, leaving the pants on for a second. He slid his arms around Mike, holding his bare stomach and chest, with both shirts pushed up around his neck and arms. He was aware of the soft skin, the deep rise and fall of Mike's chest, the beating of Mike's heart.

"Do you love me, Mikey?" He whispered hopefully. Mike turned his head and tried to kiss the top of Meldrick's.

"Yes. Please... I love you, Mel."

It was silent while Meldrick caught his breath, and for a moment Mike wondered if he had fallen asleep with him bound up like that. If he had he was going to kill him. As nice as it was to be made love to this way, the situation was not conducive to sleep. He felt Meldrick straighten up again, kneel between his legs and sit there. Mike looked up at him, or where he thought he might be, waiting. Finally the hands were there again, pulling at the waistband of his pants, pulling them down. The hands slid up and down his legs until they reached the ankle of his right leg. Guiding his foot out of the slacks, he pushed them under and around the bound leg. Mike felt like a teenager. He knew he was going to be made love to with all of his clothes more or less on. The cool air moved across his legs, he was so hard it hurt and he was tired of waiting.

"Meldrick," he tried once more, but the lips shocked him, and he sucked in a breath through his nose. Meldrick's hands were everywhere. Rubbing up and down his arm, then down his side, reaching for his hip before making its way back to his shoulder blade. Mike moaned into Meldrick's mouth and gasped for air when the warmth left his red lips.

The boxers were promptly taken care of as the pants were, collecting down around his ankle in a comfortable mound. He was now freed and exposed to Meldrick. He heard heavy breathing above him.

"You're so beautiful." It was the same thing that Meldrick whispered every time they made love, and he arched against Meldrick, who was beyond caring if Mike reacted or not. Mike rubbed against Meldrick's soft cotton pants, almost coming, until Meldrick placed two firm hands on his hips and held him down.

"No, Mikey, not like that."

"I need you, Meldrick... and youíre not even undressed yet."

"Poor baby," there was a quick kiss, "I'll get there soon enough. Do you like it when I do this to you?"

"Yes," the air conditioning blew air over his stomach and he tightened the muscles there, or maybe it wasn't the air conditioner. He could feel the stream of air switch to just over his penis, and he squirmed uncomfortably against the bonds. There was a chuckle in the dark. Two fingers pressed against his neck and then Meldrick made clicking sounds.

"Better calm down, baby, or that heart's going to pop right out of that chest."

"Don't... don't tease me," Mike gasped, pulling against the handcuffs, "you try being down here."

"Hopefully I'll have that chance."

"I doubt it, at the pace you're going."

"There's my Mikey. Now be quiet or I'll tie your tie around your mouth so tight you won't be able to moan."

He could hear the popping of shirt buttons, and feel the fast movements. Meldrick was as desperate as he was to get closer. As fast as he was moving to unbutton his shirt, it just wasn't fast enough. Finally, when the tee shirt and undershirt had flown over his legs, he felt Meldrick stretched himself out against him again. This time he felt Meldrick's chest against his.


"I know, just... hold on." Lips traced the definition in his muscles. Mike felt his eyes moisten with frustration, pulling at the handcuffs more solidly, he let the pain as they bruised his wrists make up for the lack of sensation he was getting elsewhere.

"Mikey, doin' that's not going to help you."

He was crying now, tears moistened the blindfold and he cried out as Meldrick moved against him. A hand slid down the front of his body and took him in its palm. Mike bit his lip and stopped the absolute wail from coming from his throat. It subsided and he gasped in air as he lay back against the pillows. Meldrick's hand left him. The clanking of a belt and the usual sounds were loud. Everything going on around him he was painfully aware of. But unlike Mike thought he would, Meldrick left the bed again. Too strung out to cry out to him, he let his head fall back against the pillows a couple of times.

When he was convinced that Meldrick was going to let him die here, exposed and vulnerable, full of an aching need, two large hands caressed his free foot and slipped another strip of silk around it. Bound like the other foot, Mike growled at Meldrick as he crawled back onto bed.

"Don't be angry, baby," cooed Meldrick, running a hand through the blonde hair. Mike felt like biting him. He would never do this to him, never. It was complete torture; no longer any fun... okay, he knew that was a lie, but he just wanted Meldrick next to him again, gasping in his ear...

His anger died down at those thoughts, and he let the hand smooth back his hair.

"I'm sorry Mikey, this is just the way it played out."

Meldrick looked down at the bound man. He was so frustrated; there were splotches in the blindfold that could only be tears. He felt a stab of guilt at causing the struggle. Mike was his; he didn't have to go through this show of domination to prove that. The brown silk shirt couldn't have been used better. Meldrick took the remaining part of the shirt and dragged an edge against Mike's flesh. The blush that spread from his erection across his stomach deepened again, and Mike rolled his head back and forth. Meldrick sat in-between the spread legs, just watching Mike's face as he guided the soft material across the body.

When it reached his legs, Mike bit his lip hard enough to draw blood, but he licked it up when Meldrick stopped. Sliding against the erect muscle, just light enough, whisper movements. Mike arched his hips just like Meldrick knew he would.

"Please," whispered Mike, "please Meldrick, please."

"I love you so much, Mikey."

"I love you, I love you," Mike responded, repeating it soundlessly.

Meldrick had to kiss the sweet lips. He knew Mike must have been dying for Meldrick to touch him. He bent over Mike, smelling the sweaty musk. He made Mike know that he was there, over him. Kellerman was beyond begging for it, he opened his mouth though, ready for Meldrick whenever his resolve broke. The silk trailed up the chest, and Meldrick smiled as Mike shivered, all the way up to his jaw where Meldrick placed his hand. He held Mike's jaw through the silk, the fabric becoming hot between them. Mike nuzzled the hand, making soft sounds deep in the back of his throat.

The dim light in the room, only coming from the cracked door, the light in the kitchen, was more then enough for Meldrick to see the smile that touched Mike's lips at the soft touch. If anything broke his determination to wait out, it was the smile. Not the 'I love yous', but the sweet smile he gave when loved.

Meldrick suddenly felt terrible for putting Mike through this. He untied the blindfold, and looked into the blue eyes that blinked against the light, harsh to Mike. He retrieved the key to the handcuffs from his nightstand, but Mike stopped him with a whispered, "Don't."

"You sure?"

"Yeah. I wanna know," Mike's face flushed a deeper red, "what it feels like this way."

Meldrick smiled and pressed a kiss to Mike's forehead. The kisses trailed down the bridge of the nose and across each lip twice before stationing itself over both of them. Mike opened his mouth and allowed the tongue back in. He suckled on it, keeping hold of it until it was necessary for the both of them to get air. Meldrick smiled against his mouth, breathing in deep gulps of air through his nose; he wasn't sure if he ever wanted to move apart again. He slid his arms under Mike and held Mike to him.

"Meldrick, I can't wait any longer," Mike stated firmly.

"All right," Meldrick laughed, kissing the lips once more.

He slid back down, dragging the silk with him again, producing another shiver from Mike. He settled himself comfortably between Mike's legs, drawing the silk up and down the inner thigh. He moved closer to the hard muscle, he could almost smell the need coming from his lover. Instead of starting from the top, Meldrick started from the side, allowing his tongue to wrap around it as far as it would go before sliding it down, and then back up.

"OH GOD!" Mike cried, the handcuffs scraping against the wood headboard.

"That is not my name," Meldrick said, moving so that he was above Mike.

"Meldrick, your name is Meldrick."

Nodding, he dipped down again, taking the tip into his mouth, sucking the tang of the pre-cum that had been collecting over the long proceedings. He felt more spill over his tongue, and he heard Mike gasp. He let his tongue trace the bottom of Mike's cock, stretching it and following it up the underside repeatedly. His lover had begun to shudder uncontrollably now. His hands, that had been clutching the silk tightly, let go of the fabric and hooked around Mike's hips.

Slipping his mouth down further onto the hard shaft, he swallowed compulsively, which caused Mike to buck under the influence of the tightening muscles. Meldrick tightened his lips and pressed farther down.

"Oh, Meldrick, that's... Thank you. I love you," Mike gasped, wanting to push Meldrick farther down, but not able to with his hands held back and above his head. He was just grateful to feel the incredible feeling of his lover's lips and hot mouth around him. He felt himself tense all the way through his body, and he hung there, on the very edge while Meldrick knelt between his legs. He groaned and arched his back, pushing himself farther into the mouth.

Meldrick's tongue wrapped around the base of the muscle, he could feel the cum leak at the back of his throat. Swallowing again, he felt the orgasm begin. Another application of suction, and Mike came, squeezing his eyes shut against the painful pleasure. His cum filled Meldrick's mouth, but his lover eagerly swallowed until he was left panting, covered in sweat. Meldrick licked his lips and smiled down at his lover. Mike closed his eyes and breathed.

"Uh-uh," Meldrick's voice called as he was about to pass out, "We're not done yet."


The next day, Mike pulled at the sleeves of his shirt, trying to hide the obvious circles around his wrist. Meldrick sat at his desk, a paper open and obscuring his face.

"How am I supposed to go around like this?" Mike asked, pulling down the cuff.

Meldrick folded the paper over and looked at the wrist.

"Seems like you're doin' a good job to me."

"I've been messing with it since I first got here."

"That'll only bring more attention to it, just leave it be."

"Oh yeah, and what if someone asks me about it?"

"Lie to 'em."

Mike looked at Meldrick incredulously.

"What?" asked Meldrick.




"All right."


"Youíre okay then?"


"You a coo-coo, Kellerman. I'm going to start calling you that, Coo-Coo Kellerman."


Both detectives smiled and went back to whatever he was doing.

"So," Meldrick leaned over his desk, "we got plans for tonight?"


"Oh c'mon, on what?"

"If you solve the Rachlin case."

"But you're the primary, Kellerman."

"Hey, after last night, you owe me a hell of a lot more then a couple of cases."