You Started This, Timmy
Written by Justine

What nice eyes you have, Bayliss. Odd, I'd never noticed before.

It was strange to have him standing so close. Munch felt his heart beating rapidly in his chest and realized that he was quickly becoming aroused by the cadence of the other man's voice. It was a powerful rush and he refused to breathe for a second. The last thing his brain needed right now was a jolt full of oxygen.

Tim was talking about Gordon Pratt and Munch was trying to pay close attention but for some reason only images and sounds were processing in his sex-starved brain. The movement of Tim's mouth transfixed him and he couldn’t look away. Pratt…suspect…Adena Watson…killer instinct…Frank. What the hell was Bayliss talking about? Munch shivered when Tim stopped walking and stared knowingly in his direction. God, he hoped there wasn't a quiz when this conversation was over.

Tim waited expectantly for Munch to digest his words. So you think I killed Pratt, huh Timmy? Some questions are better left unanswered and I'm not taking any chances. He shrugged. It didn't matter anyway. Tim expected no response.

Munch gathered his wits. He knew Bayliss was a good cop, an intuitive cop. Tim smiled and Munch resisted the urge to smile back. This sudden attraction was frightening. An image of Tim, naked, writhing beneath him in bed rushed his senses. Brown tousled hair spinning wildly atop his shoulders, long legs spread open for his perusal, the curve of pale buttocks in the moonlight; it was way too much and Munch gasped. God, he needed to get laid fast.

The entire situation was unbelievable. Here he was, on his wedding night, unable to perform for his new bride and getting horny over another man, another cop, on the mean streets of Baltimore. A man he never thought of as much of a friend, never mind a sexual partner.

John, my friend, he told himself, you are a whore.

Tim was smiling at him again and Munch knew that sexy wasn't a good enough word to describe the man. Libidinous was much better, or sensual, or downright erotic. The way Tim's long, fine hair curled across the nape of his neck and the hazy razor stubble grazed the delicate, yet angular line of his cheekbone was a surprising turn-on. Granted, he hadn't had any real sex in three weeks but this was downright crazy. This was Bayliss for god's sake.

Tim leaned in closer and touched his face. The long cool fingers on his cheek were intoxicating. Munch was sure he'd never seen that look of desire on the other man's face before. He considered. Desire? Knowing Tim, it could easily be disdain. An internal warning bell signaled for him to run as fast as he could back to the safety and comfort of the Waterfront but he declined. Taking a deep breath, he realized they were breathing the same air. He exhaled, Tim inhaled, and over and over.

"Good night John-Boy."

The caress continued for a moment, Tim's hand ruffling through his hair, the same unreadable expression on his face. Without warning he bent lower and their relationship changed in a heartbeat. The kiss was unexpected but Munch did not resist. So this is what that bottom lip feels like? Tim brushed his mouth lightly across Munch's own, the moment frozen for a second in time and space. Had he ever even found Tim Bayliss remotely attractive?

The kiss was amazing. Long and wet, slow then fast with Tim's mouth opening eagerly against his own. He licked the younger man's teeth and sucked his tongue deeper inside. They stood on the sidewalk necking like a couple of kids and Munch sincerely hoped that nobody from vice was driving by at the moment. He knew he should stop before the entire display got out of hand, and was sure he would have stopped if Tim hadn't been making slurping noises with his lips and low warbling moans from deep in his throat that vibrated throughout his body like a siren song. Definitely a screamer in the sack, Munch mused, soundproof the walls for this one.

Tim's lips froze suddenly and he pulled away sighing with regret. It took Munch a second to acknowledge the abrupt break in fluids. He moved forward to block the other man's exit and continue the addictive kiss. The empty street, with its alleys and ghosts beckoned and he pushed Tim forcefully against the wall between two buildings, startling him.

"Not so fast. You started this, Timmy."

Tim nodded once and tilted his head forward. The kiss resumed as Munch shoved his tongue inside the velvety hot mouth. He groaned when Tim gave back double, suckling the intruder and opening wide as his mouth was forcefully ravaged. Steady hands on Tim's shoulders held him secure as Munch thrust his budding erection against the younger man, delighted by the force of the moan that escaped his busy but beautiful mouth. He unzipped his pants and his cock sprung free, the balmy air attaching to the dew of his leaking penis and adding flashes of delight to his near painful arousal.

"Easy does it."

Munch wondered at the detachment in his own voice since it certainly wasn't evident in his heated body. Eager hands found their way to the bare skin of his partner's chest and he squeezed hard as Tim shuddered, shading soft brown nubs a delicate red. Tim's nipples were stiff, his flushed body open and trembling in the evening air. Munch ran his fingers lightly over Tim's pale stomach and he jumped slightly at the intimate gesture as a cool breeze from the harbor grazed goose bumps over exposed flesh. It wasn't enough. Munch suddenly wanted to see everything very badly.

Tim's arousal was evident against the confines of his jeans but he made no move to touch, the suction of his moist lips the only source of contact. Munch squeezed one nipple and Tim thrust forward. His other hand circled the younger man's back, under his shirt, drawing him near as Munch pushed him backward. He heard Tim gasp as his fingers found and massaged the raised scar from nearly a year ago. This shows the kind of man you are Tim, he thought. It's not everyone who would die for his partner.

A soft groan escaped when Munch started to massage the growing bulge. Dexterous fingers rubbed him mercilessly and Tim closed his eyes and shuddered against the tremendous force.

"Not yet -- hold on Tim."

He moved quickly to unzip Tim's jeans, kissing him violently as their erections ground together. Tim was moving with him now, passivity replaced by a burning desire for completion, a consuming need to connect with the man who was playing him so expertly. Munch grabbed the back of Tim's head, drawing him into a mind-numbing kiss.

Munch bit down on Tim's lip, drawing blood. The force of the kiss was wounding in its intensity. Tim placed his hand over Munch's chest but didn't force him away, his pale fingers passive with need, his breathing heavy with desire. He pulled back slightly and watched Tim's wet tongue lick the crimson stains, both indifferent and seductive, his long hair damp with sweat. Munch removed Tim's hand from his chest and lowered it until the cool, sensitive fingers were holding firm to his penis, moving and squeezing, with tentative eager strokes.

He nipped Tim's ear and spoke quietly, his hushed whisper catching the light breeze and sending shivers up Tim's spine. "Ever do this before Tim?" Munch groaned as Tim trembled in response, tossing his head back and shuddering violently. His long throat was an open invitation and Munch could not stop himself from nuzzling and sucking forcefully. He smiled at the thought that Tim would have quite a hickey to explain away in the squad room in the morning.

Munch kissed him again, a light pat upon his flushed cheek. He buried his face in the other man's chest, pushing so hard against one stiff nipple he was sure the indentation would remain on his face for the rest of the evening. Tim smelled clean and masculine, a fragrant blend of soap and cologne. I can taste it on him, Munch thought, licking Tim's shoulder blade with swift, even strokes.

"So good fucking good."

He guided Tim's hand and jammed the tip of his cock into his exposed belly button. Tim shuddered and closed his eyes, helping Munch screw his rigid shaft straight inside his bruising stomach. Munch could not remember sex ever feeling this good or better yet, this wild. Thrusting hard over and over, fucking outside of Tim's body, he was delighted at the way the younger man responded. Tim clung to him helplessly, Munch's cock in hand, his mouth forming words he never spoke aloud. What are you thinking Timmy? Their cheeks touched in a swift caress, stubble on smooth, and Munch knew the end was near. How in the world could Frank have left THIS?

Munch took hold of Tim's penis, running his hand up and down the rigid shaft. Tim gasped aloud and thrust forward, the pumping motion against his cock setting him ablaze.

"Oh god..."

The words uttered softly against Munch's mouth were the only ones Tim had spoken since their encounter began. He found himself moved by Tim's open vulnerability and watched in dismay as the other man clenched and unclenched his fists, scraping at the brick wall and bloodying his fingers.

"It's okay, Tim. Relax."

Munch removed Tim's hand and held it gently, squeezing the sweaty fingers in his own. Despite the heat, Tim's hands were ice. He pushed and Tim pushed back. The friction of cock on cock was overwhelming. He heard Tim scream out his desire at the intensity of their coupling; the spill of his seed warm and hot upon Munch's already aching flesh. He came in a torrent; calling Tim's name and clutching the other man tight against his chest, trailing a string of wet kisses along the stubble covered cheek. Tim collapsed forward for a second, his breathing shallow. Munch touched his face and turned it upwards, noting the exhausted expression with a brief satisfaction. It had been a long time since he had ever thought of another man as beautiful but there was no other word for the orgasmic residue he saw reflected on Tim's face. His mouth was swollen and used, a languid reminder of drenching kisses and rampant desire. The familiar face was pale and shadowed, with long, wet hair curled engagingly around his love bitten neck. Munch felt himself start to harden again and smiled. Hazel eyes sleepy from desire stared back from behind long, damp lashes as they examined each other thoughtfully.

"I don't know what to say." Munch paused, for once at a loss for words. "You came for me, Timmy."

"I did." Tim nodded "Yeah." He disengaged himself from the other man's grasp and started to button his shirt, shaky fingers turning the simple act into a chore.

"Looks like you needed this more than I did."

Tim nodded again. "I think you're right John." He paused to pull up his pants and noted that somehow Munch had already accomplished that task on his own trousers. "Thanks."

The sad smile that crossed his boyish features was alarming. Tim started to walk away and Munch grabbed his arm. "You okay?"

"I'm fine --- now." Tim touched his face again but this time there was no intent in the tender gesture. "Good-bye."

Munch watched Tim walk away and pulled his jacket across his chest. He'd better be getting home. The thought of being with Billie Lou was unsettling somehow and he fought the urge to follow the other man to wherever he was going, to make him gasp and come again and again, trembling with lust and desire. He could still taste Tim's skin and feel the softness of his ripe, full lips. His cock throbbed mercilessly as he started to walk back toward the Waterfront. There would be time to talk to Tim when the honeymoon was over. Until then, his bride waited.