Slow Day in the Homicide Squad II
Written by Hayley

Meldrick opens door to apartment and rushes to phone. He eyes the list and thanks god when 'Mikey' is still on the list. Picking it up, he presses button.


Kellerman: (irratable) What?

Meldrick: Hey Mikey.

Kellerman: Meldrick? What do you want?

Meldrick: Have you heard about the stuff on the internet, about us?

Kellerman: What stuff?

Meldrick: You've got a computer in that PI office of yours right? You've got the internet?

Kellerman: Sure, but it's for business purposes. I haven't done... much surfing.

Meldrick: That's cool, how about we start tonight. I wanna show you something. (prays idea is going to work)

Kellerman: You want to use my internet? God Meldrick you're cheaper then Falsone sometimes.

Meldrick: No, I want to show you something.

Kellerman: Fine, whatever. If this is some sick prank or something....

Meldrick: Just meet me at your office. (hangs up)

(Kellerman holds phone wondering if he should be worried if Meldrick still has his number... and if he knows where his office is.)

TEN MINUTES LATER- Inside a dark office illuminated only by a computer screen.

Kellerman: OH MY GOD!

Meldrick: Yeah, Stivers found it all today. I can't believe this shit's been going on beneath our very noses.

Kellerman: (scrolls down and mumbles) Wow, how'd they know about that...

Meldrick: (puts hand on Kellerman's shoulder) Get descriptive don't they?

Kellerman: And they have all sorts of this stuff? I mean me and Bayliss is one thing, but if they paired me up with... Falsone or something.

Meldrick: I hate to say it but (reaches down and clicks a few times)

Kellerman: (shoulders bend and he wretches) I think I'm going to be sick.

Meldrick: Yeah and the even have stuff about you and me (holds breath)

Kellerman: (goes still, then head turns slowly to meet Meldrick's eyes) Really?

Meldrick: Yeah, they've got some real... nice ones out there.

Kellerman: (sits up) Show me.

A HALF HOUR LATER (computer screen shuts off)

Meldrick: Shit! It's dark in here.

Kellerman: Shut up, (reaches up and grabs jaw, bringing it down for a hard kiss)

Meldrick: I didn't bring any oil, Mikey.

Kellerman: Well, damn it, you have the handcuffs, you could have me...

Meldrick: Cool...


Kellerman: You can unhook me now

Meldrick: Nah, I sorta like watching you like this.

Kellerman: I never knew you were so kinky, partner.

(Meldrick smiles and kisses a temple, letting his tongue slip out to taste the sweat there)

Kellerman: (groans)