Provoking My P.I.
Written by Hayley

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Takes place in an alternate universe where Mike is a P.I. and Meldrick and he are lovers. Thought up with Holli's help on the AOL I.M. I love her dearly, and right now, she is the only one who can irk a fic out of this damnable block. (cough) I mean, enjoy.

If the night had not been so hot, maybe Meldrick would not have picked up the white, cordless phone that lay on Mikey and his bedside table. Maybe if Mike had not winked at him as he passed through the door with a promise of things to come, he would not have punched in his cell phone number and waited with a smile on his face for Mike to pick up. Mike kept it on the passenger seat next to him; it would not be long. After the fourth ring, he heard a click, and then a desirable voice answer, "Mike Kellerman."

" 'Night, lover. What's up?" Meldrick asked. He lay back down on their bed, on the black bedclothes that Meldrick had bought just with Mike's skin tone in mind.

"Hmm," Mike hummed with a sly smile, hearing the playful tone in Meldrick's voice, "wouldn't you like to know?"

"I wouldn't ask if I didn't. Since you don't want to tell me what you're doing, let me tell you what I'm doing..."

"Do I want to know," Mike asked, sighing as he kept his eyes straight ahead. He did not want to think about how that voice was affecting his brain and thoughts. No doubt Meldrick had thought this plan up after his merciless teasing earlier this afternoon.

"I think you do," whispered Meldrick in a husky whisper. Mike swallowed, looking around the Explorer for signs of other people. There was no doubt in his mind what Meldrick had in mind when he called him while he was at work. At first, his sense of duty prevailed, and he tightened his free hand on the steering wheel, refusing to let himself reach down and relieve the growing pressure.

"I'm layin'," continued Meldrick in that husky whisper, "on my back, in our bed. All I can think about is you. How you feel when you move against me. Do you like the way I feel, lover? I love the way --you- feel."

Mike rolled his eyes and shook his head; he was not going to let Meldrick do this. He had to think about the job at hand. Oh god, at hand. He was becoming hard, and since he was wearing denim blue jeans, it was not the most comfortable feeling in the world. It was just Meldrick's voice, though, but it felt like he was right here next to him, running his hands all over Mike's body. There was no harm in answering a little question though. He sighed and looked out the window once more, shivering.

"I... -love- the way you feel, and I can't wait to get home, but right now I'm working. I can't- I'm hanging up." Mike narrowed his eyes at a heavy breath that sounded in his ear. Knowing Meldrick, he was probably fully clothed and sitting on the couch watching a game while he tried to torment him like this.

"Come on, Meldrick, knock it off."

"I'm trying to get it off, baby, not knock it off," he replied quickly. Mike groaned as the words went straight to his groin- which was already hard enough -causing him to squirm in the front seat. He slid down an inch and leaned back. The light from a nearby street lamp cast a yellow glow over him and the various pieces of equipment in the front seat. His mind settled on the camera and the binoculars.

"Meldrick, stop. If you would let me get back to work, maybe I'd get home faster and we could... exercise these fantasies you're having."

"Nope. Already started."

"And whose fault is that?" Mike asked with a smile.

"Yours. I could feel your hands on me, lover, runnin' over my chest. I can feel you move against me. Touch yourself, Mikey. My cock is rubbing against yours, and," a gasp, "it feels... better then anything I can think of- then even you can think of."

Mike reached down and placed his hand over the straining material. The welcome warmth of his hand combined with Meldrick's sultry voice caused him to arch up against his own hand. He slid down some more, trying to get more comfortable. He wanted to place his hand inside his jeans; to mimic what Meldrick was describing. It would not take long for him to come. Not with Meldrick's voice on speaking to him in that damned tone. He already felt ready to explode. He tightened his hold on the cell phone and spread his legs in the front seat.

"Meldrick, please, don't. Not while I'm working, damn you."

"But Mikey, we're not working. We're in our bed, and I'm taking a hold of you. Drawin' a finger down your," a small laugh, "impressive length."

Mike lets out a shuddering breath, his index finger dragging across the top of his pants that barred him from his real need. It was not enough, but it sent shivers up and down his body. He repeated the move, adding another finger and applying more pressure. Still not enough. The only way he was going to be able to do this was to undo his pants, but he was in the middle of a fucking stakeout. His clients weren't paying him by the hour to get it off with his male lover.

"That's right, baby. It feels so good. My hands are on your hips, sliding around. I want to take you in my mouth, but I don't, I want to watch your -eyes- when you come all over my hand."

Mike stared at the ceiling of his car a smile on his face. His breath coming in short gasps as his hand tried to stroke through the heavy cloth.

"I want to fuck you so bad, Mikey- feel you tremble against me and under me. You're wrapping your legs around me, pullin' me tighter against you. Archin' against me. Oh god," he paused for a space full of heavy breaths, "you feel so good rubbing against me, baby. You -know- we were meant to do this."

Mike closed his eyes tightly, stroking with limited control. God, he needed to feel himself, stroke himself without a barrier between his cock and his hand. His inability to do so caused him to cry out in frustration.

Meldrick heard the cry and smiled to himself. His own hands were rubbing up and down his chest, sending satisfying shocks of electricity to his erect cock. He could hear Mike's desperation, and he knew Mike had not felt himself, yet. Meldrick knew what this was doing to Mike, and loved provoking him. Phone sex just happened to be a lot of fun when you knew it was driving the other crazy. His smile faded as his hand reached his cock. He squeezed it once and then slid his hand to caress the head. The pad of his thumb making lazy circles. He had a vision of Mike in front of him, holding his cock in his hand and getting him off.

At first the call had only been to torment Mike, but now, it felt too good. He dropped the phone and let it lay on the pillow by his head, letting the other hand go free so that he would be able to touch and feel himself with appreciated ease. He could hear Mike's breath through the receiver. Or was that his own? He stroked himself lightly and saw Mike sitting in his Explorer, reaching down and trying to hold on to his self-control.

"C'mon, baby, it's so easy... just touch yourself for me."

"Meldrick," a pathetic gasp, "I can't. I'm wor- trying to work here."

Meldrick let that one go as his hand found an extra-sensitive area on his cock. A gasp was transmitted over the phone lines, right to Mike's ear.

Mike moaned as he flattened his hand against his crotch, trying to wrap it around himself through the stiff denim.

"You win," he whispered softly. Shifting, he unbuttoned the button on his jeans and undid the zipper quickly. Feeling the familiar ache, yet Meldrick was no where in sight. God, it was only his voice. That deep voice whispering into his ear and sending shock waves through his body.

"What do you mean?" Meldrick whispered back after a few seconds of silence, "I always win."

Mike slipped his hand down his jeans and moaned with relief, as he became able to feel himself without having to press through the thick denim, even though the jeans made it a tight fit.

"You do," he gasps, squeezing tightly and releasing, "You... you always win."

"I'm lying in bed touching myself, Mikey. I'm thinking of you."

"I can see you..."

"Can you, really, lover?"

He could. Mike stroked and his breathing began to hiss from between his teeth as he focused on seeing Meldrick lying on their black sheets, his hand on himself with the white phone to his ear and lips. A deep groan as he pretended that it is his lips that are rubbing against Meldrick's full ones, instead of the phone. The soft warmth as they pressed into his lips, or trailed down his body.

"Mikey, oh Mikey, my hand's around you. All the way around your cock and I'm squeezing you. Lightly at first..." sharp intake of breath, "then... harder."

Mike closed his eyes and mimicked the words, clenching his jaw as a scream threatened to rip from his lungs. His hand encircled his erection and squeezed, the pressure increasing and the strain beginning to spread across his body from his groin outward.

"Then..." Meldrick continued, "I stop."

Mike opened his eyes and blinked. He did not believe what he had just heard. Stop?

"Wha- what?"

"I stop."

A few seconds of silence.

"No," Mike whispered harshly, "you don't stop, you can't. It's too fucking good for you, too. You have to keep going."

There was a chuckle and a breathy sigh.

"That's my Mikey."

A relieved sigh and Mike resumed his stroking, actually being able to see Meldrick next to him, his long arm leading to strong shoulders that had been scratched during their lovemaking many times. He could see it, and he can feel himself coming closer to the end. He gasped and strained his neck back, his muscles tensing up and down his body.

"Are you close, lover?"

"Yes... oh god, Meldrick... I'm so close."

"Come for me then. Oh Mikey, come for me. Let me hear you scream," Meldrick said huskily, stroking himself and gritting his teeth together as he found that point of pleasure right before he falls into climax. He hears a dry intake of breath, a few more pants.

Mike was so close, his head was arching farther back, and his hands were tightening compulsively around himself. He felt himself falling, and when he hit the bottom, he screamed Meldrick's name. He gasped and squeezed the remaining semen from his cock, knowing that his lover would have been thorough, smiling so widely it hurt.

Meldrick followed quickly, hearing the scream and gasps- seeing the pale throat extended in front of him.

"Oh god... oh god..." Mike panted, unable to get comfortable again in the small front seat of his vehicle.

"Yeah... oh yeah, baby, you're so good to me."

"I can't believe you did that. I'm... supposed to be working and," a pause to breathe, "and look at this goddamned mess."

Meldrick laughed, and the sound brought a smile to Mike's lips. They breathed together for a while, just listening to the other. Suddenly, a man emerged from a building in front of Mike's Explorer, pulling a trench coat around his shoulders and looking around suspiciously. Mike frowned and reached into the passenger seat where he picked up the binoculars. A quick look through them confirmed his dread.

"Oh shit, I have to go. Tonight's lucky husband just left the building. See you later?"

"Don't go, baby. Please," whispered Meldrick. Mike was not sure if he had just been about to fall asleep, but his voice was tinged with exhaustion.

"I'll be home soon," he promised, starting the car and pulling out of the space to follow the Mercedes the man had deposited himself into. Meldrick sighed and Mike could hear the sheets rustle against his body. Taking a deep breath he tried not to think of his lover in their bed.

"I'll be here, waitin' for you. I'll be damned if your hours aren't worse than mine."

"Bye, Meldrick," Mike prompted, smiling.

"Bye, lover."

Mike disconnected, shaking his head. How the hell was he going to fasten his clothing and drive at the same time? Praying for a red light, he followed the husband discreetly.