The Proprietors
Written by Maggie the Cat

The Waterfront, after hours.

TIM BAYLISS: Just take it down, okay?

JOHN MUNCH: What is the problem, Tim?

TB: I don't like having it there while we do this.

JM: You're not making sense. It's just a picture. A picture of _us_. Considering the fact that we're getting a little more intimate here than business partners usually do, I fail to see why that novelty photo is bothering you--"

[BAM! The photo of them dressed as old-time police hits the floor.]

MELDRICK LEWIS: Awright, it's down. Now shut _up_!

TB: Yes _sir_. Never thought you'd be so domineering, Meldrick...

ML: Yeah, well, Timmy--there's a lot you gonna find out about--Jesus, John, that's my cock, not a fuckin' chew-toy!

JM: I'm sorry, Meldrick. I'm in a funny position and I think I'm getting a crick in my neck. Maybe lockjaw. Whose bright idea was it do it on the bar, anyway?

TB: Uh...that'd be me.

JM: You're cleaning up tomorrow, then.

ML: Y'all gonna talk all night or whut?

JM: He's pretty cranky, huh?

TB: Oh, I don't think it's crankiness, John. I think Meldrick here just isn't getting enough...attention....

ML: Ooohhhhhh, yeah....

JM: Wow, looks that way, huh? Well, since you're cleaning up, Tim, I might as well give you a hand....