Poetic Interludes 5: The Lewis'

Written by Redell

disclaimers: Meldrick and Barbara Shivers-Lewis, and Mikey Kellerman are owned by Baltimore Pictures and NBC Productions.
Note: Inspired by all the comments made by our guy, Meldrick Lewis on the Mrs. Especially, concerning *the painting* It's a little icky; confusing. I wasn't as happy w/ this one as I was with the others....so take it as you will.
                  Poetic Interludes, 4: The Lewis'
                  by Redell

                  The funny thing
                  is, I thought you cared.
                  saw my life as an honorable one

                  (This painting here,
                  is a masterpiece)

                  Our marriage is,
                  dependent as
                  we danced the dance.
                  we relive the myth.

                  (a master piece of crap.
                  Garbage. shit.)

                  I've never
                  lied to you
                  been faithful(really, I was!)

                  (Look here! Only two in the world. 
                  Genuine, bonafide ART.)

                  Is our love a mistake?
                  Is our love guaranteed?
                  Think not.

                  (Only two, huh? Must have counted the 
                  same one twice)

                  Nag. Nag. Moan. Bitch.
                  Moan. I love ya, Barbara! 
                  But, I can't live wit ya!

                  (Funny! Side splittingly 
                  hil-ari-ous, Meldrick-the poet!!)

                  I've tried, and bleed the 
                  for you.
                  My love is like the tide.

                  (washes away, the most
                  shakiest of relations)

                  This isn't about sex, is it?
                  'Cause, I'm the man , in the 

                  (that damn painting...)

                  No. That damned painting,
                  coils my existence.

                  (It's a painting! Get over it!
                  Mikey has-)

                  Your life before me,
                  Wasn't complete
                  Our love supplied

                  (You're in love with him,
                  Aren't you?)

                    And true.

                  ~~~~~ fini ? ~~~~~~