Poetic Interludes 4: One Great Love

Written by Redell

disclaimers: Kay Howard and John Munch of Homicide:LOTS are owned by Baltimore Pictures and NBC Productions.
** Note: Inspired by Valeria's "Long, Hot Summer Night" ** I had to write this!!
                  Poetic Interludes, 4: One Great Love (1/1)
                  by Redell

                  In a perfect little world,
                  there would be you and me

                  together we would breathe
                  the same,
                  touch the same,

                  Be one without
                  others distracting
                  our sudden 
                  state of bliss

                  our arms, would
                  reach for the same sky,
                  melt in the same sun
                  burn in the same light

                  I, John Munch, 
                  do take thee
                  wonderous creature,
                  Kay Howard:

                  As a soul mate
                  A great love
                  A forever

                  I'd leave this flesh
                  If you so desired me

                  I'd murder, give
                  up my badge. If you asked
                  me to.

                  Passion, unto the
                  depths of sinking forever,
                  in your kiss.

                  I know no greater

                  ~~~~~ fini ? ~~~~~~