Poetic Interludes 3: Falsone

Written by Redell

                  Poetic Interludes, 3: Falsone
                     by Redell

                  Guess what?
                  I've got a bullet for you
                  has your blood
                  Etched along its grooves;
                   on it's slivery shell. We have

                  a truth  that *never*
                  concerned you. You
                  Apathetic, pathetic
                     Dealer redeemer.

                  Ya see, I saved
                     Lewis' life. Saved Stivers'
                  too. My partner and later yours.
                  Yours, I wouldn't shit, if I had 
                  jagged stones.

                    To Falsone, Mr. Dudley Do Right:
                  I am so determined to 
                  let you suffer, make you beg.
                   Gonna put you in your place.
                     This spark, 
                  You've ignited and  let it spread.

                  I lost *my* way. I've lost my 
                    justice. That, I knew. But you came along, 
                  fucking up my future. Becoming, the Squad's 
                  great defender. Like you were graced by the 

                  I grieve for you
                  my friend. 'Cause, you're
                   gonna finally share in my
                  luck. And ain't nobody,

                  Not even Seattle Slew, is 
                  going to stop me.

                  ~~~~ fini? ~~~~