Poetic Interludes 10: Just Tell Me What I've Told You
Written by Redell

DISCLAIMER: First, I apologize to Kyle Secor. *Sorry*. Next, um. you know the rest: Bayliss belongs to NBC Productions and Baltimore Pictures.

I want you to leave Homicide.
What!? Why?
'Cause, it's holding you back,
It's pulling you down...
Yanking us, absolutely nowhere.
What!?! I'm the one, that brought into a life beyond, those lame ass TV Movies and Soaps! Don't you forget..
I know. And I thank you.
But, we have to move on...

I'm not the one moving on. You are.
We both are. It'll be better this way.

Now, after all these years, you're
*asking*-no, no, no, *telling* me to call it quits?
Yea. I'm sorry.

You sorry, bastard. You're more like me, than I am. Funny, huh.

One day, just words on a page..
And now, still *just* words on a page.

Listen, I have to do this. Don't you see?
This is for you.
I've done it *all* for you.
I respect you too much, Tim.
To see it end like this.

End? Like this? Whatta ya mean?
I'm the same Tim Bayliss, I was a year ago.

No, you're not. I don't even know who you are anymore. You're not me, anyway.

And sometimes...
I don't think, you ever were.

I can't believe this...I never thought...

Where have you gone?
What have you acomplished, so far?
Nowhere. Not much.

I've done plenty! I've learned from mistakes. Became good Murder Police.
That's all?

Why, can't you see!?
Have you at least, noticed
What they're doing to you?

I've noticed a bit. But-

Tim, you grew and then suddenly stopped.
I didn't. The others moved on.
Because, they were still growing.

Don't you, at least, wanna fight for more? I have.
I can't anymore.

You're a worrier, Kyle. Sit back. Relax. Everything's gonna be fine...

How do you know that? And, how do you claim to know me!?
I'm not fine!
I'm just the actor,
You're the character!
Plain and simple! You don't control me!
You never did.

HA! I didn't? Well, look at the big picture my friend: you and I are NOTHING without each other. You are NOTHING without me. I am, absolutley NOTHING without you.
You really have noticed, haven't you?

Answer me this, then-If I left...
What'll happen to me?
Won't I wither and die?
Fade into nothingness?

Wouldn't that be better than this?