Where Partners Dare
Written by Redell

~ Unedited Act 1: Scenes 1-2 ~

KOTTO VOICE OVER: Last time on "Homicide: Life on The Street"


~{Episode #68 *HAVE A CONSCIENCE* . Tim and Frank in INT. BREAK ROOM - HOMICIDE holding coffee cups.}

TIM(numbly): I don't know. I don't know why I said the things that I said.

FRANK(looking down at coffee, earnestly): You still wanna be partners, right?

TIM: (a bit too quickly): No. No. I meant *that*. (walks away)


~{Episode #69 *DIENER* . Mary and Tim in INT. THE BOX}

(TIM is sitting beside MARY on the table. His hand are clasped and to his chin, as elbows rest on thighs. They both stare into space)

MARY(apprehensive): Being a homicide detective is who he is. I'm just not so sure, being a homicide detective's wife is who I am



TIM(behind bar, pouring Frank club soda): It's getting pretty late.

FRANK: Meaning what?

TIM(wiping down bar): Oh, I don't know. Meaning, uh, Mary's probably waiting at home for ya'.

FRANK: I can take care of my marriage.

TIM: I know, Frank.

[awkward silence] < SCENE CUT >

TIM: ...So ah, if you wanted to partner again, just on a couple of cases in the future, or something like that..We can talk about it. I just wanna say..the subject isn't closed..

FRANK(subtlety hostile): You are absolutely right. You and me, partnering up again-it's getting stale. It's getting old. We know each other's moves. This is better for the police work.

TIM(nods): Yeah, okay Frank.

FRANK(walking out the door): Goodnight!

TIM: Goodnight.



DOCTOR (sitting across from the couple): It is perfectly natural, for a period of time, for the frequency of sex to diminish a little.

MARY: It's not the *frequency*, Doctor. It's the-it's the um, intensity.



FRANK(clutching OLIVIA): You and Livy are important to me.

MARY: But, not *as* important, huh? You were, *hell-bent* for recovering from that stroke. Not for us, but so you could get back out there on the streets.

FRANK(pleading): That's not true Mary. Please. *Please*

MARY: We've got nothing more to talk about, Frank. Well, until you can admit, that you care more about dead strangers, than you do your *own* family.

[MARY takes OLIVIA and they leave the church, not looking back.]


DIAMOND VOICE OVER: Tonight on "Homicide: Life on The Street"



[we are inside TIM BAYLISS' Apt. It is really dark. The camera PANS to the door. The doorbell rings a few times.]

TIM(off camera): Hold on!...I'll be right there!...( etc. )

[Camera PANS to see him walk down a dark stairway. Flipping on a light, we see he is rumpled. Rough and tumble. Wearing a dark blue robe. Crisp, white undershirt. Flannel bottoms. Peeking through the peephole, TIMís suprised, itís MARY PEMBLETON. He opens door.]

TIM: Mary?

MARY: I hope it isn't to late. I didn't want to wake you. I was just driving around. Thinking. I had no place else to go. I can't talk to my sister. And well, I have to brace myself to speak with my parents. 'Cause, my father, well, isn't too fond of Frank as it is.

TIM (Pulling the door closer to his body): Oh, no. I don't sleep, much any more. Ah, um-come on in. [He moves letting her in. ] What's going on, Mary? Is everything Okay?

[They stand in the foyer. She's hesitant. She's dressed in a dark scarlet coat, hat and gloves. TIM looks into her face, in the light. She's distressed. He looks into MARY's reddened eyes.]

MARY: I left Frank.

BEAT. [Varying emotions cross TIM's face. Heís floored by her subtle inflection of the words.]




CREDITS run with scenes of outside view of station at night. flickering title. "Investigative" word collage. revolver quartet. dead woman. more words. badge and hand. toe tagged body. Baltimore badge close up. 5th season cast credits(alpha.order). In middle flash different badge. Fingerprint dusting through white, stenciled :: HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET ::


BELTZER VOICE OVER: "Homicide," (Title flicker in blackness.)


[after a minute duration of scene, GUEST CAST, PRODUCTION STAFFS, WRITER, DIRECTOR at bottom of screen]

<= INT. BAYLISS' APT. - NIGHT [a second later] =>

TIM and MARY are still standing in their places before the credits.

TIM: Whatta ya' mean, you *left* Frank?

She walks deeper into the apartment. she pulls off her gloves and hat.

MARY: I left. I packed up Livy and just left. I'm not leaving forever, Tim. I just needed a break. I *need* breathing room. I feel like he blames me for not understanding him. He expects me to accept something, I *can't* understand. While, goes on thinking everythingís fine. It's not."

TIM: (Moving with her. Turning on light in living room now) Does he know where you are?

<= INT. BAYLISS' APT. LIVING ROOM AREA - NIGHT [a second later] => The room is mimimalistic. The kitchen is visible. The downstairs is white. Clean, Tidy.

MARY(smirking): Well, he doesn't know I *here*, anyway.

TIM: Where's Livy?

MARY(lips upturned in a careful smile): With my sister in Virginia, for the night. Then we're heading up to stay with my parents for awhile."

TIM[ushering her to couch]: Sit down. Can I get you anything? Coffee? Water?

MARY: No. No. I'm fine, Thank you Tim.

TIM: What happened? This has something to do with the other day doesn't it?

MARY(reluctant): Somewhat, yes. I take it, Frank hasnít called you or anything..

TIM(worried): No. Frank wouldnít call me. Nevertheless, tell me anything. We don't speak anymore, anyway.

MARY: I'm so, sorry. [Remebering the sudden separation, they suffered] At least, when he spoke to you, he spoke to me. At at least looked at me like I was a human being. And not, just like I was some sort of break from work.

TIM(sincere): That's not true. I mean, Frank *loves* you. I've never met anyone who loved a person more. I wish I could meet someone as sweet and interesting, like you, Mary.

MARY: That's easy for you to say. Thank you. Ya, know, the Frankie Pembleton you knew isn't the one I know. Well, now anymore.

TIM: What is it Mary? [His breath is soft on her face.]

MARY: It's all *too* complicated, Tim. [Taking a second] He missed Livy's christening. He missed date night.

TIM: Date night? [notices her eyes innocent flicker.]

MARY(getting embarrassed): I shouldn't be telling you this, but...we used to go out, have dinner. And you know, afterwards-

TIM:(finishes, uncomfortable himself) Have sex?

MARY: Yeah. There was a time, Frank and I *were* passionate, Tim. Those days are long gone. We'd make love any place and everywhere. Under tables. In cars. In a museum. But, now. But now-

[Her voice trails emphatically. Batting the sleepiness out of her eyes, she forces a smile. He smells yummy. Like fabric softener and something masculine. Comforting. Warm and safe. But as TIM moves closer, touching her hands, her face slowly twists.]

TIM: Are you okay?

[MARY gags on words she can't admit. TIM takes her into his arms. But there was no comfort. (At least, not at first) Her dirty little thoughts push her into crying. She feels disgusted; Weeping in the arms of another man.]

TIM: Shh...

[He rocks MARY back and forth; pushes her head into his chest. Their bodies press harder and harder together. It feels awkward and brisk. Retreating for a weighty second, TIM discreetly rubs wetness from her cheeks.]

[This moment is intense. Silent. They just stare at each other. TIM leans to kiss MARY's forehead; audience for spilt second believe it's a friendly peck. His lips are locked for a BEAT. He expects her to stop him. Their hearts pounding in their throats. Pulling away, her eyes piercing, yet soft. Intimate. His eyes float down on her lips. The subtle curving. The Beauty. The perfection.]

[Their lips finally meet. He even tastes yummy. But, she can't place it. TIM's tongue encircles the volume of her mouth; a kiss so deep; so soul stirring. She lifts his face and kisses him back. Impassioned, he grabs the back of her head, letting his fingers tumble through her delicate curls. ]

TIM(forcing away): Mary, we shouldn't...Frank...we can't... You really should go home to him and talk this over..

MARY: You are *little* minded, Tim. He's not here. He's *not* my father.

[Standing, she tosses off her coat, revealing a slender, curvy frame. Looking down on the detective, she sizes him up. Trying to 'extrapolate', how *big* he really is. Dropping to her knees, MARY rests her hands on the drawstrings of his pajamas. Liking her lips, playfully, she leans to kiss him again. She places the taste. Chocolate Chip Cookies. She grins. TIM begins exploring her body. Running his soft, masculine hands up and down her.]


scene FADES IN and FADES OUT with pulse of music

[Tim's fingers tripping their way under her blouse. His warm fingers open, exposing a black laced bra. He kissed her. Sliding his tongue to MARY's cool chest; soft and smooth.]

[Like a child, she reaches through the elastic of his pj's and feel around. Fondling his balls gently with one hand, making him shiver.]

MARY: I trust you, Tim. [Her eyes grow, as she opens her mouth wide, and takes hold of his cock, jamming it into her mouth. Slowly, she moves her mouth up and down, swirling gentle rings around the purpling head. MARY takes TIM to the farthest reaches of her throat, sucking and slurping.]

TIM: Oh, yea that's it...

[lifting her head, from him. She watched playfully as he shoots it all over. Old Faithful, on good day]

TIM: Jesus!!

[MARY's lips arch into a ravenous smile looking, up into his glassy, blue eyes. His warm, white seed drips erotically from the corners of her mouth. She wraps a hand around the base of his penis stroking him; reviving whatever life she'd stolen. ]

MARY(seriously): Tim, please fuck me.

[TIM, fully obedient wraps his arms around her torso, and pulls her onto him. He's *really* ready. He's hoping she is too. There's no turning back. [kissing] Mary parts her legs, wiggles out of her panties. He's overcome with her smell. ]


MARY: I want *it*. I want it, NOW.

TIM: So do I.

TUNE: FUMBLING TOWARDS ECSTASY (at same ending point)

(Tune is louder this time. All you hear is heavy breathing. Lightens at speaking points)

[ As he enters her, they're face to face. Intimate and real. He feels her hot, intimate wetness. She starts moaning loudly. TIM seems to grow larger inside her. They gasped in ecstasy. TIM eagerly sucks at MARY's swollen nipples and runs his open mouth over her bouncing breasts, while he guides his purpling head in and out of her. She's gonna come soon he can feel it. ]

TIM: OH MARY! I want your pretty, little ass.

[ He barely realizes, MARY is painfully, pushing herself down the enormous erection. Whimpered as her hips rocked over him. Their faces twist in agony. The reverberation of his balls slamming against her wetness, orchestrates this simultaneous climaxes. As she draws closer to orgasming, TIM breathlessly pledges his love for her. He *means* it. MARY's eyes opened wide, taking in the image of him in her. Gasping, clawing at his back, MARY comes hard.] MARY[hissing]: Oww..don't stop...please..ow!!

[Their bodies grind together. Pushes her to the hilt again, MARY moans. She bear hugs him. MARY throws her head back; in primal scream, spasms around his shaft. TIM pulls her back. Grabs her ass, bounces her into another sudden, jabbing orgasm; it burns. MARY shifts herself restlessly over his steady semen stream. ]

TIM(biting down on lip): Hmm...Mmmm...

[They remain face to face, quaking in ecstasy. Embracing each other's sticky body. Mouth to mouth. He tastes himself on her tongue. Carefully, he removes himself. They fall back onto the mass of clothing on floor, giggling. MARY backs herself into his loosened erection. AERIAL of them spooning, covered in each otherís sweat and saliva. TIM wraps arms around her body, nuzzling into her neck; kissing softly. TIM still holds her tightly in his arms. They're both very satisfied ]


TIM: Promise me, you and Frank will work this out.

MARY: I promise. And Tim...I love you too.


~~~~ fini ~~~~