Old Devil Moon

Written by Tiffany Ball

~I look at you and suddenly
Something in your eyes I see,
Soon begins bewitching me.
It's that old devil moon
That you stole from the skies.
It's that old devil moon
In your eyes.~

Moya grabbed her coat. Since Brodie had cut her loose early, she decided to take full advantage of her Friday night.

"Hey Moya!" Meldrick Lewis called. "Where you headed?"

"Oh I was thinkin' about catching a movie or something," she demurred. "Maybe the late night classic feature. Are you off shift?"


"Do you want to catch a classic film with me?" she asked.

*Damn* he thought. *She read my mind.* "Ready when you are," he said, grabbing his coat and favorite "brim".

~You and your glance make this romance
Too hot to handle.
Stars in the night, blazing their light
Can't hold a candle to your razzle dazzle.~

Moya and Meldrick walked out of the movie theatre a few hours later. They had gone to see the classic film Finian's Rainbow, starring Fred Astaire and Petula Clark. Meldrick had to admit that he had liked it.

As he drove her to the pier where she lived with Mike, her cousin, on his boat, they talked about anything and everything.

Meldrick told her he'd been a Homicide detective since 1990. Moya told him that before coming to Homicide as a photographer, she'd been an Irish dancer. She'd even been in the original Riverdance show in Dublin before coming to Baltimore. When they ran out of things to talk about, they arrived at the pier. They got out of his car and started walking to Mike's boat, hand in hand.

The night was gorgeous, with a full moon out and a little chilly. Suddenly, Meldrick stopped, his hand still holding hers. He gently urged her into his arms and kissed her with all the feeling he had.

Moya found her lips beneath his and was thrilled. She put her arms around him and held him tight. They remained like that, wrapped in each other's arms for what seemed like an eternity.

Suddenly, a very familiar voice called out, "Would you two get a room?"

The couple broke their kiss, reluctantly, to see Pembleton and Bayliss walking by the harbor. Moya turned six shades of red, knowing Mike would know about this before long. Yet, she didn't mind.

"See ya tomorrow," she said casually and kissed Meldrick soundly, giving Pembleton and Bayliss and eyeful. Then she walked to the Case Closed, laughing softly.

~You've got me flying high and wide
On a magic carpet ride,
Full of butterflies inside.
Wanna cry, wanna croon
Wanna laugh like a loon.
It's that old devil moon
In your eyes.
Just when I think I'm free as a dove,
Old devil moon deep in your eyes
Blinds me with love.~

The next day, Moya and Meldrick walked into the sqaudroom together. They were greeted by a round of applause by their colleagues.

The couple looked at each other and chuckled. Then, Moya took his hand in hers and took a bow.

The End