Written by Tiffany Ball

Moya McMahon walked into the Homicide squadroom. She knew her cousin, Mike Kellerman worked here, but she saw he wasn't in. *Maybe he's on a case* she thought.

"Are you looking for somebody?" a tall man with brown hair asked her.

"Yeah, I'm looking for Detective Mike Kellerman," she said simply.

"And you are?"

"Moya McMahon, his cousin."

Detective Tim Bayliss shrugged and offered his hand. "I'm Detective Tim Bayliss. You can wait at his desk if you want. Anything else you need?"

"Yeah, can ye let Lieutenant Giardello know that I'm here?" she asked shyly.

"Sounds like you have an appointment with Gee."

"A job interview. I got word that yer cameraman needs an assistant," she told him. "I sent in me resume and filed an application. Lieutenant Giardello called me last night and asked me to come in today to talk to him."

*She's referring to Brodie* Bayliss thought. Before they could continue their conversation, Kellerman and Lewis walked in and saw Moya. She got and hurried over to her cousin, giving him a quick hug. "Hi Mike," she said smiling. "I was hopin' ye'd get here before I have to talk to yer lieutenant."

Mike turned to his partner. "Meldrick, this is my second cousin, Moya McMahon. Moya, this is my partner, Detective Meldrick Lewis."

*Wow, he's gorgeous!* Moya thought. Taller than her cousin, with smooth caramel skin, black hair, and a goatee that suited him, this guy was someone she wanted to know better.

Mike kept talking. "You're nervous about your interview with Gee?" he asked her. She nodded. He didn't blame her. Gee could be intimidating. It was the Sicilian in him.

A few minutes later, Gee came out of his office. "Is Moya McMahon here yet?" he bellowed.

Moya stood up. "I'm right here sir," she said shyly.

He shook her hand. "Let's step into my office." With that, the two were gone.

Twenty minutes later, a smiling Moya came out of Gee's office.

"Well?" Mike prodded.

"I got the job!" she said excitedly. "I will be working with a chap named James Brodie."

"Did I hear my name?" Brodie called, entering the squadroom.

"Yeah, I'm Moya McMahon," she said, extending her hand. "I will be working with ye, startin' tomorrow."


Moya settled in nicely. She and Brodie hit it off perfectly and were buddies from then on. They stuck together like glue and had an arrangement for crime scenes, he would videotape and she would take photos. They settled into a nice routine. She also moved in with Mike on his boat, The Case Closed and became fast friends with his partner Lewis and Bayliss. *Yep* she thought one day as she sat in the breakroom, sipping a hot chocolate. *I think I'm going to like it here.*



Much thanks to Jean Butler whose portrayal of Mattie in The Brylcreem Boys provided some of the inspiration for the character Moya McMahon.

And thanks to Clark Johnson, Kyle Secor, Reed Diamond, Max Perlich and Yaphet Kotto for giving us Gee, Bayliss, Lewis, Kellerman and Brodie.