Dream Lovers
Written by Dasha

Ballard came into the bar in all her good-girl glory, sat down beside Stivers, and immediately proceeded to fidget with her scarf. Soon, the dullness of Ballard’s voice and the topic of her chit-chat made Stivers feel very sleepy, and yet she continued to nod politely and throw a line or two in a response-like way.

Teri’s mind wondered and then, suddenly, stopped. Curiously her thoughts began spinning around a faded memory of her dream. After a few moments detective instincts reconstructed her Sandman adventure, and she remembered.

 She got a phone call. It was very late at night.


“Hello. Who is this?”

“Hello? Hi.”

A few more variations on hello arrived. She was about to hang up. Whoever it was, it was drunk.

“It’s Mike. Kellerman? You know, the guy who almost cost you your badge?”


She felt nauseated, angry; and, yet, filled with patience.

“I just called to say I’m sorry. Hey, that sounds like that song, you know”

Bad demonstration of the song followed.

“Allright. That’s about it. …oh, wait..”

Another voice whispered in the background. Stivers was ready to hang up again.

“ Oh, and Teri. You are invited to my BBQ tomorrow. You know, an official make-up dinner. Let’s say 8pm. Okay?”

“I don’t think I can, Mike. Maybe some other time”

“I can’t take no for an answer”

Next thing she knew, she was on his boat, drinking and feeling extremely pleased. Someone was cooking behind her. She heard his voice.

“Meldrick? What are you doing here?”

“Hello to you to, Te-ri.” He proceeded with an enjoyable chuckle.

“Did you think you can have Mi-key all to yourself?”

“I just came here for the barbecue…”

She stopped, because she realized that Kellerman was tracing the inside of her thigh with his tongue. Only then, she realized that she was completely naked. Her blood began to pulsate madly as she leaned over to kiss Meldrick. He kissed her, but then gently pushed her away. She was puzzled for only a moment, because Mike was soon to explain.

“He wants to watch us. Don’t worry, Teri. He won’t be able to resist”

Kellerman’s wicked condescending laugh was followed by immense anount of pleasure around her belly and then proceeded lower. Mike was right. Meldrick joined in. Everything blurred together: hot lips, motion, moans, groans, steam, sweat…They were moving together to some strange rhythm of lust and sin. Mike in her, Meldrick in him, Meldrick in her, Mike in him. It seemed that that the way they were making up was limit-free. The last thing she remembered was Meldrick whispering in her ear.

“You and Mi-key should fight more often. Heh, Teri? Teri?


Meldrick was slightly shaking her shoulder, as she slowly came to realize that Ballard was long gone.