Let's Play
Written by Dasha

The TV was shouting the commercial adds as two lovers intertwined shamelessly on the couch. Meldrick was playing with Mikey's hair, letting the blonde strands circle around his refined fingers. Mikey closed his eyes and almost purred. It was almost impossible not to get turned on by Meldrick's passive, yet dominating, stare and his slightly opened mouth. It was almost annoying.

"Meldrick, baby, let's play a game."

"A game?! I don't wanna play no stupid game. I wanna make you so horny, that you would be begging."

" Sounds tempting, lover. But I think that playing a game would be just as fun."

"What sort of a GAME do you want to play with ME, Mikey?"

"Truth or dare."

Meldrick rolled his eyes, but went along, letting Mikey start first.

"Okay, Meldrick, truth or dare?"

"Truth, and nothing but the truth" Meldrick chuckled to himself, because Mikey was too busy making himself look sexy.

"How often do you masturbate?"

"Once, twice a…week, when I am not with you."

"Liar. When you are with me, you come like what?…two, three times a day. Are you telling me that you can just switch to mediocre satisfaction just like that?" Before he got his answer, Mikey squeezed Meldrick's buttocks viciously and spanked him.

"This will be you punishment, Meldrick. You have been a very bad boy." Mikey couldn't help himself and grinned, which kind of ruined his dominatrix debut.

"Alright, Mikey boy. Truth or dare?"

"Hmmmm. Dare." Mikey looked mischievous and excited.

"I dare you, fireboy, to masturbate in front of me right now." Meldrick looked satisfied with himself, while Mikey smiled and put his hand inside his pants.

"Truth or dare, Detective Lewis?"

"Dare" Meldrick brought his lower lip up, and raised his chin. The "C'mon, I can take anything you dish out" look turned Mikey on. "I dare you, to unzip my pants, and lick me until I become hard, and then kiss me."

Meldrick slowly sat up beside the couch and moved his fingers across Mikey's body. He stopped once in a while and applied pressure on Mikey's skin, just to tease him. Mikey's body quivered at times, and his manhood was pretty close to being as hard as it could get. He finally reached the zipper. The loud, crisp sound of the zipper sliced through the silence and the anticipation, and Meldrick leaned over to bring his lover immense pleasure.

Mikey was shivering, when Meldrick decided to stop, by putting both of his elbows on Mikey's thighs, one hand supporting his head and another rubbing his chin.

"So…Truth or dare, Mikey?"

"Huh?!…Oh, yeah…whatever"

"Hey, hey, hey! You are the one who wanted to play, Mie-key!"

"Jesus, Meldrick. I didn't know that you were sadistic. C'mon. I don't care about the stupid game."

"Well, if you were to ask, I'd pick the truth, and the truth is, Mikey… I want you just as bad." Meldrick dragged Mikey from the couch onto the floor, awkwardly trying to take the pants off his mad lover, who was also trying to tear off any article of clothing that Meldrick had.

"You….oh…didn't…..aaahhh, baby….kiss me…..after…." Mikey was gasping for air as he was trying to speak. Meldrick, like any good sport, immediately obliged and flickered his tongue in and out of Mikey's blissful hot mouth.

"I don't wanna come…." Mikey whined as he slid down and started to work on Meldrick's pants. As Mikey's hot mouth surrounded Meldrick's whole "being", Meldrick gently tugged on the blonde hair of his lover, guiding his movements. Throught some acrobatic miracle, Meldrick managed to get his partner to face south and proceeded to follow the previous dare. Through groaning, and moaning, and sweating, and moving, these two lovers have reached ecstasy that made the whole world disappear.

No matter how much Meldrick and Mikey wanted this to continue, the physiology of a male body failed them in that way, and they both collapsed, feeling drowsy and exhausted.

"Yo, Mikey…Are you okay?"


The TV was shouting something about god and purity. Mikey slowly moved himself to face his lover and smiled.

"You know, Meldrick. You don't have to guide me when I am giving you a blow-job. I know my way around" Mikey raised his eyebrows for dramatic effect and kissing the already laughing Meldrick.

"Mikey, I have to say-I like this game….He, he, he"

The End