Written by Evil Marti

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is a case of being seized by an evil urge and having to act on it. Consider this an Exaiphnes alternate universe; it assumes Tim and Mulder have had the relationship described in the series, but this has NO bearing on anything that has happened or will happen there.

As with all my best work, Rachel came up with the original premise. However, it has not been beta-read *except* by Rachel, who now disclaims all responsibility since she doesn't actually like Krycek (her comment: "Timmy wouldn't do that!") But it is partly for Indalia, who told me to get Tim and Alex together, no matter what I had to do to make it happen.

DISCLAIMER: This story is based on the characters and situations created by Chris Carter, the Fox Network and Ten Thirteen Productions as well as NBC and Baltimore Pictures. As such, the characters named are the property of those entities and are used without permission, although no copyright infringements are intended.

He had done this so many times before -- sitting, waiting in the dark for Mulder to come home. Except that this wasn't the same apartment. He couldn't believe it when he heard that Mulder had moved to Baltimore. And that he had, what, taken a lover? Mulder? Somebody so driven that even "workaholic" seemed too mild a word to describe him? Alex had always figured that if it was going to be anyone, it would be Scully. But she didn't live in Baltimore. Whoever it was, she must be pretty special to warrant the grueling commute into DC. A little love nest, Alex thought to himself.

He hadn't afforded himself the luxury of looking around much. He'd gotten the basic layout -- living room and kitchen down here, presumably a bedroom upstairs. Decent furniture that didn't quite match. CDs stacked irregularly around the stereo in the corner. Half-full bookshelves, a collection of books on religion and the occult. A few glasses and plates stacked in the sink, takeout containers on top of the trash. Definitely Mulder's place, he thought to himself. If only there were a copy of "Deep Throat" on top of the VCR.

The only information he hadn't been able to get was where the significant other worked and when she got home. There was a chance she would come upon him before Mulder would, but Krycek figured he would take that risk when he came to it. He had been sitting for about an hour and expected Mulder any minute, since he'd been observed leaving the Hoover building right before Alex arrived. The phone had rung once, and somebody named Jim had left a message asking if the lovebirds wanted to come watch a softball game over the weekend. Well, he didn't put it that way, but that's how Alex thought of them. He couldn't wait to see who had managed to tame Mulder, his prey of the last five years.

Soon he heard a key in the lock and got into position. He regretted having to have his gun cocked, but he'd found that Mulder wasn't usually very glad to see him and wasn't the most welcoming host. The figure on the other side of the door was silhouetted in the outside light for a moment, fumbling a bit with a package in one hand, keys in the other, and a stack of mail clenched between his teeth.

As soon as he moved into the foyer, even though the room was still dark, Alex knew something was off. That wasn't Mulder. This outline was taller, lankier. Who the hell was that? He waited, his breath sucked in.

In the next instant, the man flicked on the light, registered him sitting in the wing chair, dropped what he was carrying, and reached around behind him.

Shit. It wasn't Mulder, but whoever it was still had a gun. Alex remained completely still, meeting the other man's eyes calmly.

Clearly, the man was unsettled by the fact that Alex didn't make any offensive moves or otherwise make his intentions obvious. His eyes were wide, his tongue lapping over his lips nervously. "Who the hell are you? What are you doing here?" He seemed to be trembling a little, but the gun was steady.

"I could ask you the same question."

"What? You're in *my* house!"

"Your house?" He *had* to get some better sources. "I'm looking for Mulder."

"Fox Mulder?"

"Not the most common name, now is it?"

The man kept his gun trained on Alex, but lowered it slightly, apparently assessing him as somewhat less dangerous than he had a moment ago. "What do you want with him?"

"I'm afraid I can't tell you that." Alex laid his own gun on his knee, though he kept it cocked, one finger on the trigger. "But I do think we could put down our weapons and discuss this calmly."

"Why should I trust you?"

"What's the matter? Don't you trust Mulder's friends?"

"Mulder's friends don't usually break in and wait for him with a weapon in hand."

"Good point." He didn't move or stand, but took both black-gloved hands from his lap and raised them to shoulder height. "But I really don't think you're going to shoot."

The other man's gun had drifted lower, and he finally let his arm fall down at his side, reaching up with the other to wipe a pool of sweat off his lip. "First I'd like you to tell me what you're doing here."

"I told you. I need to talk to Mulder. I have some information for him."

"Don't you have a phone?"

"We usually talk in person." He gave the man a small, thin smile. "So you know him. This is his place, right?"

"It was." Alex noticed that the other man's face fell, going from tense to dejected in an instant. "Until last week."

"So you're what, his roommate?"

"I'm his...well, I *was* his..." The man didn't seem to know what word to use.

"His lover?" Alex supplied.

"I guess you could call it that."

"No kidding." Alex smiled again, raising a finger to his lips. "I never would have guessed."

"What?" The man moved to lean against the back of the couch, as if standing were suddenly getting difficult.

"That it would be a *guy* who got Mulder to set up housekeeping."

Alex watched the other man search his face for clues, obviously unable to figure out why this intruder would have any interest in his personal life. He was probably asking himself why Mulder had never mentioned this man in black, if they knew each other so well.

Maybe this would turn out to be fun after all.

When the other man didn't say anything for a moment, Alex took control once more. "Listen, what's your name?"

"Tim." He licked his lips again, his mouth still dry.

"And what do you do, Tim?"

"Homicide cop."

Great. Perfect. Of course Mulder would go for somebody else with a badge. It also appeared that this guy hadn't learned from his suspects the fine art of dissembling, and it would be easy to get him to give up any kind of personal information.

"And you know Mulder how? Well, besides the obvious. I mean, how did you meet?"

"On a case, about six months ago."

"And he moved up here a month ago. That was pretty fast."

"How do you know that?" Tim stood up again, the wariness returning.

"I keep up with these things."

"And you're an agent too?"

"Used to be."

"And that's how you met Mulder?"

"Yeah. We had a case together too. We worked very closely on it." Clearly, Tim didn't get the meaning behind that phrase, Alex thought. How long will it take him to figure it out? How good a detective is he? "Must be about five years ago now. Then we kind of went our separate ways. But sometimes we still need to compare notes. And I've been following his career closely."

"He's a good agent." Tim ventured, still searching Alex's unreadable eyes.

"You must be good too."

"Why do you say that?"

"You got Mulder, didn't you? That's quite a feat."

"Oh. Well, I..." He hadn't been expecting the conversation to turn that way. "It was great while it lasted." His voice went up a little at the end, questioning, waiting to see what Krycek thought or how much he knew. Very few people --especially at work -- had known the nature of the relationship. Mulder had still been pretty closeted the whole time they were together, but this guy didn't seem too surprised, despite his initial comment.

"All I'm saying is, it must have been pretty hot, right? I mean, he's really hot."

Tim couldn't believe he was hearing this. "I don't think that's any of your business."

"Maybe not, but at one time it was."


Oh, yeah, thought Alex. I've got him where I want him. Time to move this along a little bit. He stood up, tucking the gun into the front of his jeans, and took two steps toward Tim. "He didn't tell you?"

"Didn't tell me what?" Tim's face was starting to redden.

"About our little fling. When we were working together. It didn't last long, but man... We had a case in New York City, and we were up there for about a week, sharing a hotel room. I could tell he was interested, even though he tried to hide it for a long time. Kept trying to get away from me, saying it was his case, not mine. But once we were alone in that hotel room, he couldn't wait for me to take his clothes off. And he was so...pliable. You wouldn't think that Mulder would like being submissive, but he let me do whatever I wanted. Every night, he was just begging me to -- "

"Stop! Stop it!" To Tim, the low voice sounded tinnier, hollower, the longer the speech went on. This was unbelieveable -- Mulder had never been with another man. He'd said so, hadn't he? It had taken him so long even to admit that he wanted to be with Tim, and in the end that was one of the things that made him move out, not being comfortable with the idea of sharing his life with a man. There was no way this man was telling the truth.

"Oh -- I guess he never mentioned me." Alex took another step closer. "I just hope you benefitted from some of what I taught him. When we first started, he wouldn't let me do anything more than a hand job, but by the end of the week, he was doing it *all*. And you could always tell how much he liked it."

Tim was shaking his head vigorously through the whole speech. It wasn't true. Mulder would never have slept with this man. Tim was his first. In fact, that was the whole problem, that he didn't trust Tim enough, wouldn't let himself be loved.

Besides, it was easier to think that Mulder had left because he didn't like men, rather than because he didn't like Tim. He could feel his stomach knotting up as the other man came another step closer.

"I bet he even showed you a thing or two, didn't he?" Krycek was standing right next to him now, and whispered it right into his ear. Tim felt the strange sensation of a leather-gloved hand caressing his cheek. "I bet he showed you how good it feels to have another man's mouth all over you."

With that, he took his hand away and kissed Tim's cheek in the spot it had just left. He moved in to straddle one of Tim's legs, arms on either side of him as the other man lay helplessly against the back of the couch. He was pleasantly surprised that Tim didn't fight back, but instead let him kiss further, trailing along his jaw but stopping short before arriving at his mouth. No kisses, not yet.

Since Tim seemed to be pinned by the flow of words more than anything else, Alex kept talking, low and gravelly. "What did you let Mulder do to you? I'm just jealous that you got to fuck him for six whole months." One hand traced a line from Tim's waistband up to his shoulder, underneath his suitcoat. "Doesn't it seem kind of warm in here? You look like you're a little warm." Alex moved both hands up Tim's torso this time, sliding the coat back down his arms and letting it land on the sofa. He came back around to loosen Tim's tie, feeling the other man stare at him as he focused his attention on the knot.

The tie came loose, and Alex followed up by unbuttoning the collar of Tim's shirt. "How long did it take, to get Mulder into bed? I bet you wanted him right away, he's so goddamn hot. I bet you wanted to undress him the first time you saw him."

That wasn't true, not totally, but Tim seemed unable to form the words to respond. The heat from the other man, the breath on his cheek, had him distracted.

"Didn't you want to rip off that Armani suit? Unbutton that shirt, get him down to nothing but a silk tie and silk boxer shorts." Tim's own shirt was now open to the waist, the air cool against his hot skin, and Alex was reaching to undo his belt, hands still gloved.

The pants slid down to his ankles, and Tim cursed his body for responding when the other man pressed against him. He closed his eyes and imagined it was Mulder whose hands stroked his chest, whose tongue licked at his collarbone, whose hard cock pressed against his. Unbidden, his hands slid around Alex's waist under the leather jacket.

Alex leaned back and smiled at him, quite pleased. "So now you're going to show me? Show me what you did to Fox Mulder."

Suddenly, the smirk was erased and Alex couldn't speak anymore because Tim had claimed his mouth in a kiss. Damn, he thought, we weren't supposed to be there yet. But he figured he might as well go along with it, since nobody had kissed him like this in a long time. Tim's hot, wet lips were parted, his tongue exploring. They breathed into each other, until Alex felt the other man's hands at his own waistband. Then he pulled back.

"No. Wait a minute." He didn't want to shed any of his clothes, and had to make Tim forget about trying to undress him. He grasped the end of Tim's tie, tugged it out from under the collar, and took one end in each hand.

Tim, whose eyes were already tightly closed, wasn't expecting to feel the silk against his face, but he didn't resist, letting Alex wrap the tie around his head and tie it, firm but not tight, in the back. He started to breathe more heavily, whether in excitement or terror Alex wasn't sure.

To reassure him, Alex leaned in to whisper in his ear once more. "Just imagine it's Mulder." With that, he slid down to his knees, pulling Tim's boxers with him, and took the other man in his mouth. He was so hot, so ready, that Alex wondered how long it had been since Mulder, or anybody, had done this.

It took hardly any time at all for Tim to reach the breaking point, letting go with a shudder that ran from one end of his body to the other. Afterwards, Krycek stood back up, pulling the boxer shorts back in place, then waited a moment before doing anything else. He studied Tim's face, now relaxed, breath coming in short pants from between his parted lips.

When Alex loosened the tie and slid it off, Tim refused to open his eyes again. He didn't want to see those green eyes staring back at him, smiling, smirking, accusing. What had just happened? He just stood, hands gripping the couch behind him, until he felt soft lips against his, softer than he had expected. When he opened his eyes, he thought that Alex looked almost gentle.

"I better be going."

"What?" Tim said, weakly.

"I just wanted to see what kind of man could hold on to Fox Mulder. It's a pretty elite group." Alex buttoned Tim's shirt up as he talked. When he reached the top, he looked into Tim's eyes once more. "Well, if you talk to him, tell him I stopped by."

He covered the path to the door in three long strides and left, shutting the door firmly behind him.