From the Fourth Page of the Maryland Section
Written by Nicollette Marquis McFadgen

NOTE: This fulfills my need to fill Mikey's needs. He wants a retraction, I want Mikey happy. I'm not a journalist, I didn't even take a journalism class in high school, so if this doesn't sound like it's written by a reporter, that's because it's not. No real journalist would write this and for that matter, I'm not sure any paper would print it.

City Homicide Detective Cleared

At the request of the US district attorney, Susan Ingram, the Baltimore Sun would like to issue this retraction statement. While three Baltimore arson investigators were indicted on bribery charges, the fourth, Detective Michael Scott Kellerman, now with the Homicide Unit was not charged.

"The investigation could yield no evidence of wrong doing by Detective Kellerman," said Ingram in a phone interview yesterday. "Likewise, there is no evidence that the detective had any knowledge of his coworkers accepting money from Mr. Roland."

Ms. Ingram was adamant in her sentiment that, "in the eyes of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Detective Kellerman is an honest cop, guilty of nothing more than caring about his work."

Ms. Ingram would like to apologize for any hurt the investigation caused the detective, his family and his friends. She seemed sincerely saddened that her quest for the truth caused "someone as good as Michael Kellerman" any hardship. In closing, Ms. Ingram requested that she be quoted as saying, "I am extremely sorry that Detective Michael Kellerman's good name was dragged through the mud. It was never my intention to accuse a good cop of being dirty, only to find the men guilty and bring them to justice. My hope is that Detective Kellerman can put all this behind him and continue his career as an excellent police officer."

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