First Impressions
Written by Sabu

Amazing, the length of him.
The smell of youth, the leather,
the smoke, it's tendrils caressing
his lips as he pulls hard on the 
filtered end, intoxicating me with 
it's potency.  The slender fingers
flitter with nervous energy, spell-
binding rhythm, keeps me in a 
trance, hypnotic induction-the way
his hips grind against mine as we
move in slow circles, swaying
lost in time and alone.  

His bristley hair tingles beneath
my touch, shivers through my 
system, a surge of longing as our 
wine soaked lips greet each other
for the first time, and with a moan
of passion the ground quakes, 
tumultuous beneath us...swallows us
whole, but the honey flavored skin, 
dark timeless eyes and smokey gaze,
the heat from our flushed bodies
will forever fill my core.