Chains of Love: An Exaiphnes Vignette
Written by Rachel

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Marti and I were having lunch today and discussing an e-mail that I had received from list member Dawn Kojack. She had described a scenario that I hadn't planned on using in the Exaiphnes series, but it got me thinking. This is nowhere near the angsty, character driven idea Dawn had, but rather a more humorous, twisted version that arose out of too many night with too little sleep. The story has nothing to do with the flow of the Exaiphnes series, but takes place in their universe.

As always, thanks to my highly trained beta readers, Vali and Marti. I pray you never see it, but thanks to my friend Greg for inspiring some of the conversation and ideas included herein and to Trish for making me take a class they just called "Sex" at my college.

DISCLAIMER: This story is based on the characters and situations created by Chris Carter and owned by the Fox Network and 1013 Productions. As such, the characters named are the property of those entities and are used without permission, although no copyright infringements are intended.

"I've been thinking we need to try something new." Tim sat down on the bed with a coy grin on his face. Mulder walked over, a bit more tentative. Tim patted the mattress next to him and his lover joined him.

"So, what exactly did you have in mind?" Mulder asked, his eyebrow cocked. Tim reached into the bag beside him and pulled out a series of silk scarves. He gently pushed Mulder back on the bed and leaned over him.

"Did I ever tell you about the woman Meldrick and I fought over?" Tim asked, brushing the scarf over Mulder's face, tickling the shadow of whiskers that had appeared.

"I don't recall you telling me about any of the women in your life," Mulder responded, trying to act casual, but looking a bit more nervous as Tim kept twisting the scarves in his hands.

"Her name was Emma Zoole and she slept in a coffin. A double-wide coffin," Tim responded, leaning in now to tease Mulder's lips with a kiss.

"Double-wide? I thought they saved that for mobile homes," Mulder replied, his tone dripping with sarcasm. Tim kissed him more intently as he pulled Mulder's t-shirt up, pausing momentarily while pulling the garment over Mulder's head. He helped Mulder move up toward the head of the bed, picking up his legs and swinging them around, then crawled on top of Mulder, his legs at either side of his waist. He sat back on his haunches looking at the FBI agent.

"Are you ready for a little fun?" Tim asked, a devilish twinkle in his eye. Mulder nodded, suppressing a chuckle. Tim reached for Mulder's muscular arm and pulled it up toward the mission-style headboard.

"So this is why you had to have this kind of bed," Mulder said, his voice teasing. Tim smiled and leaned across Mulder so he could tie the knot more firmly. He finished the left side and moved efficiently to the right. Returning to his original position, he laid down on top of Mulder, this time moving his mouth from Mulder's to his neck and down his muscular chest.

"Hey, aren't you going to get nekked?" Mulder asked. Tim shucked his clothes off as well, now turning his attention to the lower regions of Mulder's body, leaving Mulder unable to do anything other than buck his hips forward in response. His breath began to shorten as Tim worked at pleasuring him. As Mulder came, Tim sat up, his face red with pleasure and exertion.

"Hey, I've got an idea," Mulder said.

"What?" Tim asked.

"How about you turn around so we can both do it at the same time." Tim thought for a moment and then carefully crawled over Mulder so he was facing the foot of the bed. He moved so his feet were touching the headboard. He reached for the last two scarves on the floor. Carefully he tied his left hand up and then looped the right one so he could pull it tight with his teeth. Now he was trussed much like Mulder was on the other end.

"Was that a good idea?" Mulder asked as Tim finished.

"I left one loose so I could get out," Tim responded. He shifted slightly and returned to his early activity. Mulder joined him, teasing Tim's cock slightly and then more aggressively. The bed began to rock back and forth as they had a simultaneous orgasm. Eventually it subsided and Tim fell limp against Mulder.

"Wow, I had no idea!" he exclaimed. Mulder chuckled beneath him.

"Not your everyday, that's for sure," Mulder replied. "I hate to break this up, but I could really use the little Special Agents' room." Tim lifted his left arm up to slide it out of the scarf. It pulled tight.

"Oh shit!" Tim exclaimed.


"In my enthusiasm, under your ministrations, I might add, I seemed to have made tight what was once loose."

"You mean?"

"I'm not sure what's worse...the thought of being here forever, or who's going to break down and come looking for us first," Tim replied.


Four hours later

"If I had that kind of skill I would have become a damn engineer--or better yet, a circus performer," Tim responded hotly to Mulder's latest suggestion on how they could remove themselves from their predicament.

"All I'm saying is Scully is going to pick me up for that dinner at 6 pm and if we don't do something..." Mulder's voice trailed off.

"Would you explain to me again why Scully is driving from Georgetown to Baltimore to take you to a dinner at Quantico?" Tim asked.

"She lost the bet. That was the deal. Besides, it's a retirement of an assistant director and there's bound to be an open bar. I can really tie one on when I want to."

"That's not very funny considering our current predicament," Tim replied, trying once again to find a comfortable position.

"I hope she doesn't call the department when you don't answer the door." The words had barely left Tim's mouth when someone knocked at the door. He considered yelling, but Scully would never hear them. The next sound was either a blessing in disguise or a curse soon to be realized.

"I gave her a key," Mulder offered by way of explanation.

"At least it removes the possibility of her dragging Munch back with a crowbar," Tim answered, trying somehow to find the silver lining in all of it.

"Mulder! Where are you?" Scully called from the bottom of the steps.

"We're up here. In the bedroom," Mulder responded, his voice muffled by Tim's legs which rested on either side of his head.

"The bedroom--"

"Don't come in--"

The simultaneous voices drowned one another out as Dana Scully walked in to find a scene she had heard about in her college sex education course, but never actually imagined what it might look like in real life.

"Oh my god!" she exclaimed, covering her mouth as torrents of laughter began to cascade out. "Why did we stop carrying a camera in the car?"

"That isn't even funny, Scully," Mulder responded, his teeth gritted. "Just get us out of here and then forget you ever even saw it."

Still laughing, Scully moved over to loosen Tim's bound wrists. He pulled them down toward his body, rubbing the marks carefully. He eased himself over, rolling off Mulder's supine form.

"Hey, Dana?" Tim asked, still lying next to Mulder on the bed. "You think you could help me into the other room? My legs are totally asleep, but I've gotta get to the bathroom."

"Never a Foley catheter around when you need one, huh?" Scully shook her head. "Why am I suddenly not regretting my monastic lifestyle? What if I hadn't been coming over tonight?" She helped Tim to his feet, and supported him as he walked to the master bathroom.

"Scully," Mulder called from the bed, from which he had yet to move. "Barring an arrival at Quantico in a wheelchair, I think we should bag tonight."

Scully stuck her head back into the bedroom. "And what would be your excuse, Agent Mulder?"

"We got tied up with something?"