The Dream Book of Tim Bayliss
Written by Dasha

September 12, 1998

We stumbled into my dark bedroom drowning in the heat of arousal and desire. The cold of his fingertips burned my bare chest. There was something untamed about his sudden movements, the way his tongue wickedly traced circles in my hot mouth. His body was tense as if he was a predator ready to devour it's victim. Oh, how I wanted to be swallowed whole by this incredible attack.

He started to tug at the belt of my pants, staring at me with superiority and a small hint of despise. I run my fingers through his soft blonde hair and started to kiss his smirking face. My hand moved across his back as if exploring some new territory. I felt him pressing harder against me. There was only so much of control that I could allow. His breathing began to speed up, as I directed his head downwards. I saw him fall to his knees and shake his head.

" I'm not gunna do it!", defiance tainted his voice, and his lips took that mean shape that made him look even sexier.

"You don't have to", my own voice trembling with gentle disappointment.

I sat down near him and watched him. Watched how he battled his passion. I smiled gently and whispered into his ear:

"You don't have to.."

That was all he needed. He threw back his head, closed his eyes, and then pushed me down to the floor. His need and his hatred for this need made him lose all sense of control. Now it was my turn to tease. His growls became lowder and more violent, his fingers clenched my skin tighter. Then I stopped, and moved away.

"No, Tim...don't stop."

I liked to see him like that. All defences down, almost innocent. I knew he would do anything for me at this moment. I would do anything for him too.

Our bodies intertwined. I was surprised that he agreed to this, but oh so pleased. Extasy surrounded our bodies. The endless circle of pleasure. I felt that I could do this forever. Emotions, passions, senses--everything danced together.

We must have passed out afterwards, my head was still facing the whiteness of his stomach. I kissed it gently, and then moved up to face him. He blinked sleepily and smiled. I bet he was thinking of some smart-ass remark, but too exhausted to say it.

"Mike? Are you.."

He cut me off:

"Shut up. I love you"

This was all I could remember. It was lovely waking up this morning and remembering. It almost felt real. I wish it was.